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Top Production Incentives

In a time where financial stability is uncertain, shopping around for the best price has become part of everyday life. No one is immune, not even the illustrious and glamorous world of movie making. However, there are still many places around the world where productions can stretch their dollars the furthest.


Posting Against the Clock

When indie Filmmaker Gregg Araki found out that his new feature, Kaboom, was accepted to Cannes, the film wasn’t ready. The picture was locked but it still needed visual effects, a conform, color grading and output to a 4K DCP (Digital Cinema Protocol) master –– and he only had two weeks to turn it around.


Sounds of Silence

Earlier this year, veteran Soundman MacAulay Flynt joined Writer/Director Heather Hale’s production crew in North Carolina to shoot the indie thriller Insecurity, starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Emmy-winning Actor Edward Asner and rock legend Meat Loaf. The film is about an organized crime family’s attempt to infiltrate the Witness Protection Program in order to kill the assistant district attorney who’s prosecuting a murder case involving a prominent member of the crime family. The plot’s complex cat-and-mouse game features a number of action sequences.


Good Medicine

You won’t find the indie film The Rainbow Boy on IMDb –– at least, not yet. The micro-budget feature produced by and for members of the Navajo Nation is, at press time, going through a grass roots campaign to raise the funds needed for completion. The film is about an ancient Navajo warrior who enters a sacred cave only to find himself transported to modern New Mexico where he witnesses the prophetic devastation of humanity.


Lights on Best Ensemble

LightCol_HL_BTS_dollhouseFilmmaker Adam Reid’s first feature Hello Lonesome had its world premiere at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Ensemble Performance. But when Reid first set out to make his acclaimed film, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy.


Latin American Advantages


OnLocLatinAmericaMexicoCoahuilaAs the world’s economic climate continues to cool down, Latin America is working hard to heat things up to bring filmmakers to the region. For productions looking for a little fun in the sun, along with some great tax incentives, heading south of the border may be exactly what you need.


Set in the Southwest

TexasAlways camera-ready, the Southwestern states of Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas are a breathtaking slice of America. From vibrant red-rock landscapes to Old West ghost towns, the Southwest region offers stunning vistas and high incentives that have a solid history of attracting filmmakers to create a busy production hub.


Tools for Sound Design

No matter what types of projects you produce, audio plays a big part in the overall impact that your content will have on viewers: Clean dialogue lets viewers hear what’s being said, a good soundtrack helps to control the mood of the piece, and sound FX can sell the visual images that you’ve shot so carefully. Here are some tools that I found helpful in creating my own sound design toolbox.


On the Hunt for Locations

1FeatLocScoutingGregBabcockOne of the key requirements for the successful making of any film is the ability for the director to have access to the right locations. This sounds so easy: Look at the script’s shoot requirements and then get in your Ford Falcon and hunt down an ideal picturesque spot that requires minimal aesthetic alteration. However, there’s more than meets the eye to location scouting. This vital preproduction role is an art form that’s rapidly evolving, given the vast changes in cinematographic technology over the past decade.


Now Hear This!

FeatAudioKaufman2Over the last few years, audio technology has evolved from analog to digital. But, unlike with video, analog audio still survives on scoring stages in the form of big analog mixers, while a proliferation of plug-ins and innovations in computer technology have enabled small audio facilities to be more nimble and cost effective. P3 Update spoke to a wide range of audio professionals to find out which of the latest audio gear gives them an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

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