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Hollywood’s Top Screenwriters Lend Advice on the Craft

Screenwriting is a fine-tuned process, from the spark of an idea, to digging deep into character to create poignant stories for the screen.


Director Alan Taylor on Keeping the World James Cameron Created Alive with “Terminator Genisys”

Director Alan Taylor established his craft through directing episodes of critically acclaimed shows like “The Sopranos” and “Sex and the City” and has gone on to bring giant blockbusters such as Thor: The Dark World.


Showrunner Beau Willimon Offers an Inside Look Into “House of Cards”

“House of Cards” has quickly become a fan favorite amongst Netflix viewers with its slick sense of style that highlights the darker side of politics. Showrunner Beau Willimon has collaborated with an all-star team, including the likes of Kevin Spacey and Director David Fincher, to paint a political drama with a fresh voice.


Steven Soderbergh’s Longtime Collaborator Gregory Jacobs Talks Directing “Magic Mike XXL”

Gregory Jacobs has played the right hand man to acclaimed Director Steven Soderbergh through a multitude of projects as a producer and assistant director.


“Jurassic World” Producer Patrick Crowley on Finding the Right DP and Changing Technology

Producer Patrick Crowley has becomes a force behind-the-scenes, working on giant action blockbusters such as the Bourne franchise.


Production Designer Jon Gary Steele Creates a Version of 18th Century Scotland for the Screen in “Outlander”

Production Designer Jon Gary Steele has become a master at creating a world through the intricacies on a set, working on everything from American History X to Burlesque.


Cinematographer Arthur Albert on Creating a Look for “Better Call Saul”

There’s nothing quite like the challenge of trying to follow in the footsteps of one of the most talked about shows in years.


Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera of “Inside Out” Lend Insight into the Pixar Process

In the new critically acclaimed animated feature Inside Out, the brilliant minds of Pixar bring to life the emotions of their characters on a whole new level.


Writer / Director Rick Famuyiwa Offers Insight to the Scripting Process on "Dope"

Rick Famuyiwa garnered rave reviews of his feature Dope at Sundance, a vibrant look at teens in Los Angeles. The film follows a geek that lives in a tough part of town who gets invited to an underground party, leading him on a grand adventure.


Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi on Creating a Look for “Jurassic World”

Merging the high expectations of devoted fans while offering a more modern glimpse into the Jurassic World was a tough feat for Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi (The Da Vinci Code, The Blind Side) to break off.

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