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Panavision Enters the 3D Arena

Panavision, designer, manufacture and rental of camera systems, is in the 3D business.  Three major features recently completed production using cameras, lenses and 3D rigs provided by Panavision. Those features include, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, shot by Michael Barrett, The Darkest Hour, photographed by Scott Kevan, and Bait, shot by Ross Emery.  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, lensed by Dariusz Wolski, ASC, was shot using camera and lens packages provided by Panavision, paired with rigs provided by Pace on the 1st unit and Element Technica rigs for the 2nd unit in London. Panavision’s current inventory of 3D camera rigs includes the Quasar, Pulsar and Neutron, manufactured by Element Technica.


Litepanels Illuminate Japan Water Consciousness Documentary for Morgan

Don_Morgan_Using_LitepanelsEmmy-winning Cinematographer Donald A. Morgan, ASC chose Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, as the lighting source for his documentary on the power of healing and discovering the power within. The project, shot during an international HADO convention in Japan, centers around Dr. Masaru Emoto, his teaching of HADO, and his incredible research with water crystals that demonstrate water consciousness. Because Morgan and producer Lindsay Noel Kemp would be moving quickly, he knew his equipment had to be fast and flexible. Morgan needed to be able to shoot within 10 minutes for interviews, so he used the Sony EX1 camera and Litepanels’ 1x1s and MicroPro.


Technicolor Provides Full 3D Services for Warner Home Video Blu-ray™ 3D Titles

Technicolor announced that it has provided compression, authoring and 3D subtitling services for Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray™ 3D titles, including Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Clash of the Titans, The Polar Express, IMAX®: Deep Sea 3D, IMAX® Under the Sea 3D and IMAX®: Space Station 3D.

Warner Bros.’ major retail offering remains the most Blu-ray 3D discs to be released by any studio this year, with the entire slate of 3D titles having arrived in stores on November 16, 2010, National Blu-ray 3D Day.

“We continue to lead the way in Blu-ray 3D services and remain focused on quality and efficiency,” Said Chuck Parker, president of Technicolor’s Digital Content Delivery division. “We continue to further reduce our production times for Blu-ray 3D by more than 50%, and we are even closer to matching the production times of a typical 2D Blu-ray Disc.”

Technicolor provides full turn-key Blu-ray 3D services utilizing its first-to-market, high-quality MVC compression tool, 3D authoring and programming with BD-JIVE and its advanced depth analysis tool for 3D subtitles and graphics.  All tools were developed in house leveraging Technicolor’s Research and Innovation resources. Technicolor’s 3D design services have also provided cutting edge on-screen 3D graphics for broadcast and Blu-ray Disc titles.


Eastbound and Up

OnLocation_Canada_Quebec_04mtl-nuitEastern Canada isn’t the center of the universe, yet its production hub seems to provide everything universally necessary to re-create almost any location in the world. Toronto is currently doubling for various international sites for the CW action-thriller series “Nikita,” while the city’s less glamorous locations were used as a nondescript Eastern American city for the new MTV series “Skins.” And Montreal was chosen for On the Road, the upcoming film version of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel based on his road trips across America, while Halifax, Nova Scotia has become the familiar small town outside of Boston where Actor Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone mystery movies take place.


New Workflows in Hi-Def and Hi-Res

PostCol_LocalHeroAlexaEvent-5The business and technology of postproduction are constantly evolving. Every time a new video standard is created, a new distribution platform emerges, or a manufacturer creates new technology or a piece of gear, post houses have to respond. Nowhere has this been clearer than in the advent of numerous high-definition and higher-resolution cameras.

Today’s post house not only needs the right tape decks to play back and record the output of these cameras, but it also needs a path to move the footage between offline editing, graphics, visual effects, color correction, finishing and output. In fact, many post houses now differentiate themselves for the special attention they give while creating efficient, speedy and cost-effective pipelines.


On the Road with Turnkey HD

LightCol_SteveFongSteve Fong is the creative director for Citizen Group, a San Francisco production house with a number of high profile clients. In 2009, one of these clients, the Center for Creative Land Recycling, commissioned a documentary about the legendary Route 66 highway that, before the onset of the Interstate freeway system, was the route people used to drive from Chicago to Los Angeles.


Racing with the Genesis

CameraCol_Dean-Semler_2Based on a true story, the Disney film Secretariat tells the tale of the legendary 1973 Triple Crown winner and stars Diane Lane as stable owner Penny Chenery and John Malkovich as horse trainer Lucien Laurin. Shot by veteran Aussie Cinematographer Dean Semler, ACS, ASC, whose extensive credits include two Mad Max sequels, Dances with Wolves (which won him an Oscar for Best Cinematography), Apocalypto, 2012 and Date Night, Secretariat reunited the DP with Director Randall Wallace, for whom he shot We Were Soldiers. Semler talks about the project and his love of HD, and reveals just how he was able to get such amazing, in-your-face race footage.


Recording Remotely

AudioCol_ArthurIf you ask people in the production biz what’s meant by the term “HD audio,” you’re likely to get very different answers. For an exhibitor, it might mean a state-of-the-art 7.1 channel surround system. For an engineer, it could be a major upgrade to a mixing board. But for Arthur Roberts, it means having an edge over his competition to get gigs.


The South Central Region

OnLoc_Alabama1338641America’s South Central Region is making a triumphant comeback to the production stage. The states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi all offer relatively competitive incentive packages to lure productions from across the spectrum –– and they’ve been able to do so while simultaneously deepening their crew base, with Louisiana’s most notably expanding by nearly 400 percent since 2002. And Alabama is turning heads by reestablishing its name with a brand new and robust incentive package, while Mississippi, with its diverse landscape and growing production capacity, is growing domestic talent and bringing in big-name productions like HBO’s “True Blood.”


Music 2 Hues announces new THEMATIC ELEMENTS royalty free music series.

Music 2 Hues, a supplier of Production Music & Sound Effects to the, Film, Video, Animation, & Multimedia Industries has just released a new line of production music.

The new Thematic Elements Series offers the most popular "similar styled" titles from our Flagship library in one pre-packaged DVD-ROM with all files in both Mp3 and WAV file format for easy drag-n-drop into your non-linear program of choice.

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