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Filming The Hunger Games


pro_hungergames_stern2-by-kirkland-1Currently a huge box-office hit, The Hunger Games is a breathtaking journey to a future world where children are forced to fight for their lives. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland, the film is a visual dramatization of the first novel in a best-selling trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The dystopian story unfolds in nation of Panem (formerly the United States, Mexico and Canada) which is divided into 12 oppressed districts, while an autocratic government with absolute power resides in the futuristic metropolis of the Capitol. When the people of a13th district start a rebellion, the Capitol destroys the district and creates an annual competition to forever punish the oppressed. For this “Hunger Games” event, a lottery chooses a boy and girl (between the ages of 12 and 18) from each district to compete in a televised battle where there will be only one survivor.


The Digital Dilemma 2 report was co-sponsored by the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of  Congress. It was co-authored by Andy Maltz and Milt Shefter. Maltz is  director of  the Science and Technology Council at the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Shefter is president of  Miljoy Enterprises, Inc., a media asset preservation firm that provides consulting and project management services.


NAB 2012 Preview: New Technology for the Digital Age

Broadcasters and filmmakers are heading to Las Vegas, Nev. to have a tech-filled good time at the 2012 NAB Show. This year’s event will have extra excitement for content creators looking to capitalize on an array of new equipment with better quality at considerably reduced costs. For these visionaries, the words “lighter, portable and less expensive” are like music to the ears — and NAB will not disappoint them. The show floor is expected to be busy, filled with many new products and approximately 100,000 attendees ready to purchase the technology of the future. Here’s the first look at some of the companies slated to appear at NAB 2012.


Fans of 'The Hunger Games' flock to North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. - Fans of the blockbuster "The Hunger Games" are turning up in North Carolina, seeking out places where the movie was shot, from old-growth forests to an abandoned mill town.


PILOT LOCATIONS: New York & Vancouver Production Booming, Los Angeles Declines

The TV comedy resurgence cannot come soon enough for the Los Angeles production community because Hollywood is fast losing ground on the drama side to New York and Vancouver.


Sony Professional Solutions New Digital Motion Picture Center

Sony Professional Solutions is opening a new Digital Motion Picture Center at Sony Pictures Studios. Scheduled to open on May 1st, the center will serve as an industry-wide resource for training and education and will support transition to Digital Workflows for Filmmakers.

The Center will offer hands-on training for directors, cinematographers and other professionals in the film and television production industries on the use of Sony's  F65 CineAltaT digital motion picture camera and the production workflows supporting this new acquisition system.


Film Finance in the Digital Age: Getting Your Film Made with a Click or a Chat


pre_finance_christopher-neil-director-goats_creditbill-neillThe process by which studios finance their films is often shrouded in mystery. While it’s known that studios self-finance, they also structure funding from outside sources and private equities. Indie films usually take a different road to production. In the ever-changing world of American independent projects, these filmmakers realize that funding can come from a multitude of different places and their films can be seen in many different ways.

Cinematographers on Filmmaking and the Movement to Digital

shane_hurlbut_sfwAt last month’s Academy Awards, seven of the nine Best Picture nominees were shot on Kodak film. But as digital technology continues to advance, we should expect to see more nominees like Hugo and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as digital filmmaking becomes more prominent in Hollywood and across the world stage.


Over the next few weeks P3 Update will run a special Web-exclusive report that touches on the important topic of film preservation. Below is the first report of a three-part series.

Today’s films are the Rosetta Stone of our times. They are how future generations will know who we were and what we did.” — Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC


The Movement to 3D

cameron_sfwWhile the last few years have seen a substantial movement toward 3D, it’s now safe to say that 3D projects are here for a long haul as it is the next wave of movie and television entertainment. Most of the television sets that are now being made will be 3D enabled while the advent of 3D theatrical viewing in multiplex theaters sprout up in record numbers — and consumers are forking out the extra cash for this entertainment. Large corporate companies, like ESPN, are also moving into 3D and consumers can now find 3D entertainment in most sports and live-event programming. “They were brave, they were smart, they are pioneers and they’ve done a really good job at it,” says Marty Shindler, CEO of The Shindler Prospective, a management consulting team for companies in entertainment and entertainment technology. Shindler promotes the 3D movement and often holds 3D sessions at trade show events, such as Digital Hollywood and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
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