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Monday, 28 November 2011 21:34

The Lady, a movie about a powerful story deserves some attention

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   A lady who has been a leading opponent to the military junta in power in Burma, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, is the subject of a powerful movie called The Lady. Bringing Aung San Suu Kyi's story to the screen was also a fight, but thanks to Michelle Yeoh (who stars as The Lady) and director Luc Besson, and produce Virginie Besson-Silla the movie is now out in a few independent theaters. Of course it's competing with the Twilight Saga and Muppet Movie. But better than boxoffice dollars, this little film may actually put pressure on Burma's leaders to bow to the call for elections in the country. That's the power of film.
   I saw The Lady at a KCET Cinema Series screening and was impressed by the beauty of the storytelling, and learning about how the producers got it made. Filming took place in Thailand and England, and cameramen were risking their lives to get footage out of Burma.
    "It took me just one hour to read the script," Besson-Silla reported. "I knew right away that EuropaCorp Company must produce it. If you're going to struggle for a couple of years and be totally involved in a project, you must be blown away at once."
    She said that she and Luc Besson had the same vision of the film, and what mattered was focusing on the purpose of the project and dealing with the financial aspect later. Producer Andy Harris reported, "After three years of working without finacial support it was wonderful to join forces with Europacorp and have the opportunity to make this film with Luc Besson, who is a director I have always hugely admired."
   The release of the film comes at a time when the democracy movement in Burma needs a lot of attention on the world stage. All involved with it can be proud that it is a story well told and puts the spotlight on the extraordinary courage of a determined lady and her followers. The filmmakers also deserve Kudos.

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