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Monday, 14 July 2014 16:15

The Edelkrone FocusONE PRO

Written by  David Hurd
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Edelkrone has come out with some amazing products including the FocusONE PRO. It’s a black Follow focus solidly built out of aluminum with a beefy feel to it. 

Usually, I prefer a Follow focus that mounts on both of my Berkey system 15mm rods, but the FocusONE PRO works well using a single rod. There are also some innovative design modifications that are very handy. Instead of facing away from the camera, the Marker disk faces back toward you, making the Marker disk easier to see from behind the camera. The white Marker disk spins within a circle of calibrated aluminum, and is attached directly to the drive gear, so you can chart your progress with precision. 

These calibrations replace your pen and having to deal with constant marking and cleaning of the Marker disk, making your job much less of a hassle. Just set your focus point and turn the white Marker disk to one of the calibrated marks. This is handy for your camera assistant, or if you are pulling your own focus, you get a much better idea how far your focus has come, giving you better results.

The FocusONE PRO also has a unique gear design. There is a large gear, and a smaller reverse gear, which are connected. I mount my FF on the left side of my camera so that I can pull my own focus with my left hand. 

I also like to work the same way with all types of lenses regardless of their focusing direction. When I turn the FF away from me, I want the focus to move away from me. This requires me to use the reverse gear. The good news is that the reverse gear is easy and quick to activate without using any tools. Just position the smaller gear against your lens, and you’re done. 

The FocusONE PRO design isn’t just a straight bar, it has many joints that you can adjust to attach the Follow focus on either side of about any sized lens. 

If you using a regular DSLR lens that has no lens gear, FocusONE Pro has optional lens gears you can purchase that make any DSLR lens work smoothly with your FocusONE PRO. 

At under $300, the FocusONE PRO is a solid, versatile, and well-designed Follow focus. You can find more information at  


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