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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 01:09

SpiderPro Single-Camera System

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spiderIf you use small camcorders or DSLRs in your workflow, you know what a pain it can be to carry these cameras around. Always having your hands full during a production doesn’t really work, and hanging the camera around your neck can be bothersome. The solution? I recently tested a new product that’s usually used by still photographers but seems very adaptable to video production. The SpiderPro single-camera system from Spider Holster contains everything you’ll need to professionally carry one camera during a shoot — and it only costs $135.

This camera system is comprised of three parts: the SpiderPro belt/holster, plate and pin. The belt is really strong and can be adjusted via Velcro to fit around your waist, while the holster is a protective flap that hangs down so the camera won’t rub against your leg when walking. The plate easily attaches directly to your camera’s tripod mount, and the SpiderPin attaches to the plate and slides into the holster to give your camera freedom of movement at your hip.

The whole SpiderPro camera system is impressively built. The plate is made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about your camera breaking loose. The SpiderPro has a two-position lock: In its lower position, the lock secures your camera until you hit the release, which is great if you’re running, squatting or climbing on stuff to get a shot. If you need quick and easy access to your camera, just flip the lock to the upper position. This allows you to quickly slide your camera out without touching the lock. This would also be very handy for shooters using the two-camera version of the SpiderPro camera system — you could easily use a pair of DSLR rigs with different lenses and easily switch between them to get shots without having to stop and change lenses.
I tested the SpiderPro with a K-Tek Norbert Sport cage and rods along with a Petroff follow focus. It held the weight but, since I was moving around a lot, I left the switch in the locked position so I could be assured that my camera rig couldn’t get loose. It was nice having my hands free to do other production tasks while knowing that my camera rig was safely at my side. The SpiderPro system is a comfortable and secure way to carry your camera, especially in a crowded working environment. Not only does it work well, it’s built to take the punishment of a real-world DSLR production.


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