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Friday, 25 July 2014 23:55

Cool Accessories for Your iPad

Written by  David Hurd
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I bought an iPad mostly because the screen on the Retina model gives an accurate representation of color-graded footage.

It’s a handy way to show your work to clients because it’s small, light and easy to carry around. 

Imagine a case that you can pop your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen iPad® into, with the screen facing outward, and the back enveloped in a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner. You can pop different stands into the back of this case depending on what your needs are.

With the GripStand® 3 (pictured above) the removable stand can be swiveled 360° and positioned at virtually any angle for my viewing or typing needs. This desktop stand also doubles as a highly effective one-hand grip so that I can easily use my iPad while standing or walking. 

For transportation, I simply remove my iPad, and flip it over and re-insert it so that the screen is facing inward. Then, I just flip up the handle, and carry my iPad and stand like a briefcase.

gripbase black backWhen I get home, I popped off the handle and re-attached the case to a GripBase (pictured left) that lives on my editing desk. The GripBase is beefier than the GripStand and is incredibly handy for watching tutorials while I follow along on my NLE.

I can swivel the stand, and tilt it to a proper viewing angle. Since the GripBase is heavier, I don’t worry about accidently knocking it off of my desk when touching the screen for playback. When I want to stand up, I need my iPad to be much higher. The GripBase Podium model has the same mounting bracket, so I just pop my case onto the stand. Now, I have 38” to almost 5’ of height adjustment. The 12 ½ pound base is kind of like a mic stand, and is so solid that I don’t worry about it tipping over. 

I found the GripStand really handy for showing clients the color grading that I had done for them as well as showing potential clients my work. The GripBase keeps my iPad handy at my workstation, and is always there for me to use when my computer is busy doing other things.

The Podium model 

SM gripbase podiumAs a beside-the-lens teleprompter stand, watching videos in bed, for reading lyrics while playing guitar, or watching my iPad tuner while tuning up and recording. Watching relaxation videos while in my massage chair, holding my producer questions and notes while videotaping interviews, or when using my iPad as a GoPro monitor. 

With all accessories that are light and portable, NewerTech has you covered. 

The GripStand is only $9.99, The GripBase is $39.00, and the Podium model is $49.99, so for about $100 you can have all three.

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