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Izotope RX5 Advanced

So, there you are in the editing suite, finding out that your footage has serious audio problems, like wind noise, or someone coughed on set in the middle of the best take.


Focusrite Clarett 4Pre

If you are into video production and need a Thunderbolt Audio Interface that is versatile, low-latency, high quality, and cost effective, you may want to check out the Clarett 4Pre from Focusrite. The Clarett 4Pre is an18-in/8-out Thunderbolt audio Interface that works.


The Sennheiser AVX RF Mic

Ive been using the Sennheiser ew-G3 mics since they came out. They are great  little RF mics, but they require some audio expertise to operate. If youre not handy with RF audio, Sennheiser has just made your life much  less stressful. The new Sennheiser AVX is easy to set up, can automatically  handle changes in audio levels, and can even auto-switch to a clear frequency if  needed. The AVX is for the self-contained videographer who needs to focus on  capturing a story, rather than being an audio guy. 


The Logickeyboard for DaVinci Resolve

Logickeyboard's custom keyboard for DaVinci Resolve is based on the original Ultra Thin Apple Pro keyboard. It offers plug-and-play setup with any USB-equipped Mac computer. It has a good feel, and the stylish, modern appearance of the "New Apple Look".


MOTU Digital Performer 9 Software

If you are looking for audio software to use to score your next film, DP9 might interest you.

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