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Building a Bridge to Russia and Mongolia

Profile_Chressanthis_Moscow_Interview_IMG_02Cinematographer James Chressanthis, ASC recently spent four weeks at film festivals, schools and other venues in Russia and Mongolia to present No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos, his documentary about acclaimed DPs Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and the late Laszlo Kovacs, ASC. Chressanthis also conducted cinematography workshops and seminars and had conversations with current and future Russian and Mongolian filmmakers as a part of the American Documentary Showcase, which makes U.S. nonfiction films accessible around the world.


Hollywood Hit Man Jerry Bruckheimer

Prolific Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is proud that he makes “popcorn movies,” the kind that fill theaters with appreciative audiences looking for cool entertainment on a hot summer night. “I see myself as a person who creates entertainment,” Bruckheimer tells P3 Update. “And I try to entertain as many people as is possible. If they can sit back and enjoy their popcorn and get lost in one of our films, and forget about what’s going on in their lives, then I’ve done my job. If that’s the label critics want to put on my entertainment, I’ll take it. Really, it’s a great badge to wear. The more we can entertain people, the better we make our lives.”


Profile on Roger Corman

cormanthumbnail.jpgProducer, director and motion picture distributor, Roger Corman, awarded an honorary Oscar. 

After a half century as a producer, director and motion picture distributor, Roger Corman finally got the ultimate reward –– an honorary Oscar, given to him by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences at the 2009 Governors Awards Ceremony.


Ron Howard Profile

Even during his early days as a child performer, Howard knew that he wanted to be in charge of his productions.

One of the most popular filmmakers in the industry today is the soft-spoken Director/Producer Ron Howard. Even during his early days as a child performer, Howard knew that he wanted to be in charge of his productions.


Mexican Film Commission Profile

comefilm_thumb_thumbLocated in Mexico City, the Mexican Film Commission (COMEFILM) took over the duties of promoting audiovisual production in Mexico in 2007 from a private organization that did this job for approximately 10 years. “The decision to incorporate it to the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) came from the need [to provide] an integral support to all film productions,” says COMEFILM’s Carla Raygoza, who works alongside Mauricio Pedroza and commission Director Hugo Villa. The trio possesses...

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