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The Finisher: Justin Haacke

Anyone working in postproduction will tell you that it’s a tough business.


Producing VFX with Rising Sun Pictures’ Richard Thwaites

Richard Thwaites SMIt can take an army of talent to achieve the amazing visual effects seen in movies like The Great Gatsby, and it may be surprising to know that producers are the unsung heroes of the visual effects industry. Working on the periphery, a producer’s contribution as a project manager, budget overseer, client advocate and cheerleader to the VFX team isn’t always acknowledged but is essential for the success of the project. If talented artists are the gears driving the VFX engine, a producer is the grease that allows those gears to turn smoothly.



On the Rise: Director/Cinematographer Connor Daly

Conner SMAs films and episodic series stream on the Internet at speeds faster than a cheetah powered by Red Bull, it’s easier then ever to share your creative content with the planet. Los Angeles-based Director/Cinematographer Connor Daly is well versed in the language of online content, and he’s proving himself as one of the hardest working young shooters in the industry. The versatile 28-year-old has already served as the director/DP for “My Roommate the,” DP for the comedy web series “HELL. A,” editor for the upcoming feature film Sand Castles, digital content producer for the FX series “BrandX with Russell Brand,” director for the web series “The Wankers,” and producer/DP for the TV movie Venice Heat


Producer Mark Gordon on Success in TV and Film

MarkGordon SMCurrently serving as the president of the Producers Guild of America, Mark Gordon is a prolific and respected film and TV producer who has made a strong impact on the industry. His top TV projects include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” “Criminal Minds” and “Army Wives,” and he has also made his mark theatrically, bringing in more than $2 billion at the box office with blockbusters like Saving Private Ryan, The Day After Tomorrow and Speed.


The Force Is with Ford

harrison_fordAs Oscar-nominated Screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) polishes the script, the plans for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII moves forward at Disney and its newly acquired Lucasfilm subsidiary. The epic film is scheduled to go into production sometime this summer with Director J.J. Abrams at the helm.
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