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Where My Heart Beats

SpotlightIn 1989, Swedish Journalist Khazar Fatemi fled war-torn Afghanistan for a chance at a better life. Twenty years later, she returned equipped with a camera and a driving motivation to tell the world the truth about the war and its aftermath. “I was brought up in war, but the war the media was showing was not familiar to me,” says Fatemi. “Where were the Afghani people? The media was only showing the military and politicians. I wanted to show the world the people that have really suffered from the consequences of war. I wanted to give them a voice.”


Indie Feats During Hard Times

I1stADJoshSandsGripKyuHanShinBoomOperatorBenOConnorActorTheodoreToureJohnsonJr.ActorSallyKemperProductionCoordinatorMaryJoVarney moved to Hollywood eight years ago to take my moviemaking experience to the next level. Over the years, it seemed there was always some kind of obstacle that stopped me from making my own film, and I often questioned whether it was worth the sacrifices I was making. I’m sure almost everyone reading this story can relate on some level to the difficulties that come with working in the entertainment industry, especially in Los Angeles where there have been so many changes in the last few years.


Cutting-Edge High-Def Cameras

NAB 2010 introduced a healthy offering of new HD cameras, and, as always, camera manufacturers are looking for the cream of the crop. Typically, favorites steal the spotlight but, occasionally, a dark horse will ease ahead of the pack. To find out if 2010 was an atypical year for new cameras, I spoke with some rental houses and dealers to see what their customers are demanding.


Rebel with a Cause

When first-time Filmmaker Kiran Deol set out to shoot a documentary, she didn’t make it easy on herself. Her film Woman Rebel, which is currently screening on HBO2 over the next year, has as its backdrop the controversial 10-year revolution in Nepal, when women made up 40 percent of the guerrilla army fighting against the government. The film follows the story of one of these women –– codename “Silu” –– on her unlikely journey from the jungle all the way to the halls of the Parliament of England.


Shooting in the Winds of Cambodia

Cinematographer Melissa Holt has a passion for film and shooting both narrative and documentary projects. When she majored in biology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Penn., Holt enjoyed watching nature documentaries from places like National Geographic, and that led to a desire to incorporate science into filmmaking. After a few elective courses, she fell in love with the filmmaking process, switched majors and later earned a Masters at AFI, where her thesis project was a documentary about leatherback sea turtles in Costa Rica.

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