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Directing & Producing

Director Morten Tyldum on "The Imitation Game"

Norwegian director Morten Tyldum is drawn first to story and characters when choosing a script, not focusing as much on what genre it fits into.


Dangerously Cold: Director Anthony Powell Talks Shooting in Antarctica

Shooting a documentary for over a decade poses a hearty dose of challenges to overcome in and of itself, but Director Anthony Powell also faced the incredible cold head on in order to shoot Antarctica: A Year on Ice.


Director Francis Lawrence on Mockingjay

The Hunger Games franchise has surmounted the challenge of creating a balance between pleasing fans of the books and garnering critics’ approval.


Top Producers Expand on Collaboration with Directors

The working relationship between a producer and a director is one that carefully knits the world of creativity, business, and detail. The producer often faces an added challenge of needing to bear all three in mind at once. At a recent Film Independent panel, a few producers of note sat down together to offer advice and expand on what makes for the most productive collaboration with a director.


Director Brian Trenchard-Smith Crafts a High Budget Look on a Low Budget

Shooting on a low budget can be an uphill climb, but throw some stars into the mix and a need for action sequences and it becomes an even bigger challenge.

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