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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 02:53

How “Slated” is Boosting Films

Written by  Brendon Tom
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Studios deal with the big budgets. Kickstarter deals with first time filmmakers and every experimental film. What about the middle ground where you’ve made your first film, yet need a boost?

Stephan Paternot (pictured bottom left) is the co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Slated, an online film finance marketplace that connects filmmakers to financiers and other industry professionals. “We are helping new, but very established producers,” says Paternot. “They could have been Academy Award winning [or] they could have been at Sundance with a film, but they are the industry. Essentially once you've done your first project, perhaps on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, and you graduate and are building a career, you go to Slated.”

Stephan-Paternot-HeadshotSlated puts each individual producer in touch with the right people that could really help them boost their film package. “We’ve taken in a lot of data, in partnership with a company called Baseline Studio System, which allowed us to quantify based on every person on what experience they've had in the industry,” says Paternot.  “Slated helps demystify, quantify and make it very transparent and easy so you can straighten your film package, find the right people to work with, and increase the potential returns for your investors.” 

According to Paternot, 10 percent of your film will be from crowd funding from your fans and then the other 90% will come in the form all other means including professional investors, getting soft money from sponsors and doing pre-sales. “So I think you need to start using the tools that let you finance and package your film efficiently,” says Paternot. “Because budgets will shrink and you need to do more films in order to make a living. So you need to work efficiently. You can’t afford to travel around, go to a hundred dinners, wait for markets to happen once a year, spend tens of thousands of dollars traveling, stalking someone so you can meet the right person. You need to use all the online tools. They already work very effectively. There is a reason Kickstarter has had a lot of publicity for their filmmakers. And there is a reason Slated is working.” 

These online tools now exist. “You've got to learn to leverage them,” stated Paternot. “And you will get more films made, more efficiently, and better yet, we will help raise the caliber of your films so there is a better chance the investors will make their money back.”

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