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New LED Lights from Dot Line Corp.

LED Lights SM 2I’ve recently been testing two new LED lights from Dot Line Corp. (DLC) — the RPS Studio LED and the DL-DV320C LED— and I’m amazed by the “bang for the buck” both lights offer consumers. The RPS Studio model is a daylight-1K equivalent that only draws 100 watts of power, while the DV320C is a small LED panel that can be mounted on a camera or stand or used handheld. 


Petroff Matte Box and Follow Focus

Petroff2For my professional use, Petroff matte boxes have been my first choice for over 10 years because I’ve never encountered any problems with them. They’re lightweight yet solidly built, and while they’re not the least or most expensive matte boxes out there, the quality and features will really give you more than what you paid for.


Alphatron EVF-035W-3G Viewfinder

alphatron-electronic-viewfinder-evf-035w-3gWhat do DSLRs and cinema-type cameras from Canon, RED, Sony and Blackmagic Design have in common? They all can use the EVF-035W-3G model electronic viewfinder (EVF) from Alphatron. The EVF-035W-3G is a quality piece of gear that has a HDMI and BNC (HD/SD-SDI) connection in and out, so it works with HDMI connections on DSLRs and SDI connectors on cine cameras. Built in strong yet light magnesium housing, the Alphatron EVF-035W-3G is made for the real world, as it has ¼-20 holes for mounting on the top, bottom and one side. I mounted my EVF on a custom-made bar that mounts to the top of my Wooden Camera Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC) cage, but you can also mount the EVF directly to the top of the BMCC.


Atomos Dual-Battery Connect Converters

converterProduct1When I recently tested the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera (BMCC), I realized that it only had an SDI output, which is normal for professional cameras, but the problem was that my SmallHD DP4 monitor with EVF only connects via HDMI. I solved this issue by using an Alphatron EVF because it uses both HDMI and SDI cables. I later learned of another solution for all of you with HDMI EVFs and monitors in need of a conversion between HDMI and SDI.


The Marshall V-LCD70MD-3G Monitor

Marshall-v-lcd70md StoryI recently had the opportunity to test the V-LCD70MD-3G 7-inch monitor from the new Marshall Electronics Modular Design Camera-Top Series. The official result: I love this monitor. The V-LCD70MD monitor is available in three configurations with a new Modular Design (MD) that allows you to determine what I/O combinations you’d like to use. All of the new MD series monitors come equipped with an HDCP-compliant HDMI input with pass-through, a selection of 10 battery adapters, and a choice of one input or output module. The MD base unit comes with no preinstalled module, but you can add modules at any time. 

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