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The Sigma 18-35mm Constant F1.8 Zoom Lens

I’m hard-core fan of zoom lenses as much as the next guy. After all, it’s way easier to zoom in than it is to change out a prime lens.


G-Technology G-SPEED eS PRO RAID

A vital part of any editing system is a RAID, which is basically a bunch of hard drives working together to securely store and playback all of your video clips and other media. When selecting a RAID, there are several factors to consider: its speed, size, reliability and its features vs. the cost. The G-Technology G-SPEED eS PRO RAID offers a nice balance within all these parameters. 


Tiffen’s Incredible “Big” New Thing

The “biggest” thing from Tiffen is the new Steadicam Curve, the smallest stabilizer ever in the company’s Steadicam line.


Get Mobile with the MōVI M10

MOVI 760 2

As camera technology evolves, camera support gear evolves with it, particularly with today’s widely used pro cameras. The explosion of DSLR rigs is a prime case in point. In many ways, Freefly’s new MōVI M10 camera-stabilization system adopts and builds on DSLR support rigs, taking them to the next level with gimbal-based camera stabilization for mobile shoots — but the MōVI’s approach to stabilization isn’t limited to DSLRs. As the first MōVI system, the MōVI M10 is geared for cameras bigger than the largest DSLRs. And that’s only one reason why it is hailed as a game-changing, breakthrough camera-support product.


New LED Lights from Dot Line Corp.

LED Lights SM 2I’ve recently been testing two new LED lights from Dot Line Corp. (DLC) — the RPS Studio LED and the DL-DV320C LED— and I’m amazed by the “bang for the buck” both lights offer consumers. The RPS Studio model is a daylight-1K equivalent that only draws 100 watts of power, while the DV320C is a small LED panel that can be mounted on a camera or stand or used handheld. 

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