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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 20:29

Steven V. Silver, ASC on Developing His Craft Early

Written by  Thea Green
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Steven V. Silver, ASC has been behind some of the most iconic comedic moving images to see network television of late, including work on “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men” and “Dharma and Greg”. 

Silver, who got his start in the industry by walking into Hill Production Services and offering to do whatever work was needed just to be around cameras, started training at an early age by playing around with an old Super 8 camera. In a recent conversation with The ASC, Silver revealed one of his favorite sequences to shoot and his biggest influence.

Silver and his friends starting experimenting behind the camera at an early age thanks to his father being gifted a Super 8. “My father was a radiologist who used to purchase large amounts of X-ray film for his hospital,” Silver said. “The sales people gave him a Super 8 camera, free film and developing envelopes that sat dormant in his closet. I became curious and started creating films of my friends in the neighborhood. We’d gather in my bedroom, tack up a white sheet to project on, and laugh out loud at our wacky films. Even in its most primitive state, the power of cinema was undeniably alive.”

One of Silver’s favorite scenes to shoot was a memorable musical moment from “Two and a Half Men”. “On ‘Two and a Half Men’, Executive Producer Chuck Lorre wrote a song-and-dance scene for Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher with 40 dancers,” Silver recalled. “It took place on the old New York Street on the Warner Bros. back lot. Since it was a fantasy sequence, I took the approach that our characters were in a Broadway musical on a gigantic soundstage, much like the exterior work in West Side Story. After weeks of prep, it was rewarding to see the satisfaction on the faces of the producers as the scene played out in real time.”

The biggest influence to Silver is the outside world, and he is constantly observing it through different artistic mediums. “When I experience beauty, drama, comedy, etc. in our everyday world, I am compelled to document it,” he revealed. “Whether with an SLR, an iPhone, a sketch pad or paint, I enjoy watching the way light plays a part in the world.” (The ASC)


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