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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 21:36

G-Technology G-RAID Mini

Written by  David Hurd
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StorageReview-G-Technology-G-RAID-miniIn the age of digital media, the storage and easy transport of data is an important part of your workflow process. Since 2011, I’ve been using G-Technology’s G-SPEED Q RAID to back up my data with very good results, so I’m happy to test the 2TB model of the company’s G-RAID mini. With larger RAIDs, it’s all about speed because you’re usually dealing with huge files. With 2TB of storage, the G-RAID mini is designed to be large enough to back up most projects yet be ultra-portable. Because of its small physical size (approximately 6 x 3¼ x 1½ inches), it can be easily transported to an editing facility. Its rugged metal case is one giant heat sink with a very quiet cooling fan, making it a great choice for on-set DIT work.

I first used the G-RAID mini as an external drive during a DaVinci Resolve training class, and it did a good job of playing back some ARRI ALEXA, RED and ProRes footage. I also needed to copy a project that I edited on my Mac Pro over to my Savage IO DataBrick NLE, which is a PC. The G-RAID mini is preformatted for Mac OS X systems, but by using MacDrive software on my PC, the G-RAID mini was recognized by both computers for a smooth transfer. I prefer to leave it formatted for Mac (and use MacDrive on my PCs), but if you only want to use the drive on a Windows system, simply reformat the drive in Windows. 

The G-RAID mini plugs into your computer via USB 3.0 or FireWire 800, which makes it easy to use and gives it a decent data transfer rate. There’s currently no Thunderbolt connectivity, but the G-RAID mini comes with a USB 3.0 cable, FireWire 800-to-800 cable, FireWire 400-to-400 cable, and a power supply. The drive only needs the power supply when interfacing via USB 3.0. Another reason the G-RAID mini performs so well is that it uses two 7200 RPM hard drives with 32MB of cache. Via a downloadable utility, you can set the G-RAID mini to a RAID 0 for the fastest performance (200+ MB/sec) or you can use a RAID 1 configuration, which is half as fast but gives two copies of your data.  

Overall, the G-Technology 2TB G-RAID mini is very impressive because it’s small, portable, rugged and quiet. MSRP: G-Technology G-RAID mini is $449.95 for the 2TB model and includes a standard three-year warranty. 


 The review system consisted of a Savage IO DataBrick NLE PC from with NVIDIA Q4000 and Tesla cards, with output viewed on a Borland 32-inch monitor via a Blackmagic Design card, Avid MC Color panel, Wacom tablet, Mackie mixer and Genelec speakers.

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