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Monday, 09 June 2014 21:37

The Smallest Cinema Camera of Them All

Written by  Rebecca Davidson
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Just when we thought cameras couldn’t get any smaller. They just did. 

At this weekends Cine Gear Expo at The Studios at Paramount in Hollywood, California, Radiant Images was on hand to promote the Novo camera, designed with mainstream cinematographers in mind. 

Ric Halpern (pictured below) from Radiant Images gave us a “small talk” and enlightened attendees on where digital technology is heading and how the Novo is igniting the creative juices in filmmakers.

Ric RI SM“None of us can anticipate or predict where [the future] is going, but one of the things I can be sure of is that technology is only going to get smaller; whether it be the size of the sensors, the size of the optics or the size of the recording mechanism,” says Halpern. “You are going to have cooler sensors. Everything is going to get smaller and lighter and quicker. And it’s going to create freedom for filmmakers whether they need to just hide something or whether they need to get into environments and in situations where they normally couldn’t."

A prime example Halpern gave was shooting footage in cars. If you had a film camera, you usually have to dig a hole in the floorboards of the car. Now you can just lay a camera down and shoot without making extra room. “Before when you entered into the small [technology] world you sacrificed a lot of quality,” says Halpern.  “I’m not going to say [the Novo] is the quality of the Alexia cameras or even the 35 mm cameras, but it will be.” 

“Sometimes the creatives come to us and say ‘I need something like [the Novo] to achieve this shot,’" said Halpern. "Other times they look at technology and say ‘that gives me an idea. Now I can write this shot into the script.’ So there is this synergy that takes place between the creative and the manufactures who are actually creating the products.” 

“This is the world smallest cinema camera,” says Halpern. “It gives you the options to have interchangeable lenses in a tiny footprint and by using a system like this it stays stabilized. I can literally run down a field chasing a soccer player and record him or her kicking a soccer ball really close up and make the audience feel they are in the shot without sacrificing the quality you used to have to do to achieve that kind of shot.”

For more information on the Novo click here.  

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