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Support Equipment

Moving with Polly

Motion is about bringing life to each frame. Adding smooth and advanced camera motion to your film can immensely up the production value while adding a whole new dimension to keep your audience engaged.


The Americans Top Gear List

It’s tough to stay on pace and on budget when shooting films and television shows. Picking the right equipment can make or break a shooting schedule. 


GoPro Mounts Up

GoPro is at it again, helping us make our footage look as cool as humanly possible.


Solotech Takes on Justin Timberlake’s World Tour Audio

Like so many of today’s touring acts, Justin Timberlake’s show is more Las Vegas extravaganza than simple concert. Wireless microphones are a must for the show, which recently completed the first of two North American legs of its eleven month long world tour and is slated to kick off a two month European leg in London on March 30. 


AJA Gear Takes the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

the john lennon educational tour bus takes aja gear on  7140Last May, Yoko Ono Lennon introduced the new European version of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus in Liverpool. Set to kick off its inaugural tour in London this month, the bus will travel across the U.K. and Europe (with tour details still pending), while the U.S. bus tour is currently traveling through California and Arizona until mid-September.

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