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Friday, 12 February 2010 13:40

Pictorvision Saddles Up for the Winter Games

Written by  Dyana Carmella
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cineflex at 2010 winter gamesPictorvision is gearing up the snowmobile for one wireless ride in Vancouver making sure to capture every heart pounding move.

cineflex at 2010 winter gamesThere are no second chances at the 2010 Winter Olympics and that doesn’t just mean for the athletes. You get one take to capture that jaw dropping moment on camera and then it’s over. Preparation and out-of-the box thinking are essential to get the best coverage in Vancouver. Pictorvision is stepping up to the plate and saddling up the snowmobile for one wireless ride.   

When cameraman Chris Chanda of Aerial Camera Operations put together his gear package for the games, he outfitted the Cineflex V14 gyro-stabilized HD camera system from Pictorvision with a new twist-- wireless capabilities.

“While the previews were done with Pictorvision’s aerial gear, the producers also wanted low-profile shots of exciting visuals for the cross-country and biathlon events,” explains Chanda. “I knew the Cineflex system, which is small, lightweight and strong, would work well on a snowmobile. The question was how to make it a one-man operation?

“Pictorvision has always been there for me when I have needed a special tool or modification, so together we took the Cineflex system wireless. Adding a wireless remote head to a one-man snowmobile allowed me to be inside the broadcast compound a mile away. I could handle the video controls and paint each camera as our snowmobile drivers moved around and through the action.”

The OBSV Nordic Venue wireless Cineflex kit was developed in house by Pictorvision technician Jake Capistron and consists of four pairs of fiber optic and radio transmitters and receivers that allow up to four Cineflex camera systems to be operated remotely.Chris Chanda at 2010 winter games

With this newly developed system, Pictorvision’s Cineflex Remote Control package can be used any time that the operator cannot be with the system during operation on such installations as camera cars, cranes, boats and snowmobiles.  With a range of up to 15 miles (depending on conditions) and a frequency of 2.4 – 2.483GHz, license-free band, spread spectrum frequency hopping, and error detection technology, the system achieves reliable, noise and interference-immune operation. The fiber optic system allows the operator to be up to 75 miles from the receiver antenna site. The video signal can also be transmitted using any number of standard analog or digital microwave systems. This custom Remote Control kit is available for rent exclusively with Pictorvision’s Cineflex HD camera systems.

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