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Friday, 18 February 2011 16:29


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CANON_100x_ZOOM_SUPE191ABC_2For the more than 111 million viewers that watched the Super Bowl they got to enjoy spectacular football up close and personal.  This was accomplished by Game Creek Video that outfitted all 18 of its HD field cameras with XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD lenses from Canon U.S.A. In addition to using Canon's first triple-digit long-zoom HD field lens, Game Creek Video equipped its portable HD cameras with Canon HJ22ex7.6B and HJ11x4.7B ENG-style lenses, and HJ21ex7.5B portable EFP lenses.

“To my knowledge this is the first time that the Super Bowl has been done where all of the large box lenses were 100-bys, so it’s a great accomplishment for our company – and for Canon as well – that these lenses are in such demand and so sought after by the production teams that we deal with,” said Pat Sullivan, president of Game Creek Video. He added that Game Creek Video used nine of its mobile production units for its Super Bowl XLV coverage and provided all equipment for the network’s main domestic feed for the United States and Canada, as well as for the pre-game show and the red-carpet celebrity arrival event.

“We are honored that Game Creek Video, one of North America’s leading mobile HDTV production companies, has again chosen Canon as the exclusive HD lens brand for its mission-critical coverage of the Super Bowl,” said Larry Thorpe, national marketing executive, Broadcast and Communications division, Canon U.S.A. “Canon’s world-renown optical expertise ensures that its long-zoom HD lenses, such as the XJ100x9.3B, are designed to deliver unsurpassed video images and the precision performance so vital to HDTV sports production. We are especially proud that Canon HDTV lenses were instrumental in capturing the video for Super Bowl XLV, which garnered the largest audience in U.S. TV history.”

Canon’s XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD lens features Canon’s Shift-IS built-in Image Stabilization system, which enables broadcasters to capture dramatic high-impact telephoto shots and deliver this video shake-free to the viewing audience. As with all Canons long-zoom lenses the “DIGISUPER” line, the XJ100x9.3B features Canon’s XS technology for great optical performance in terms of high contrast and superb picture sharpness across the entire focal range. Canon’s second-generation Digital Servo System provides microcomputer compensation of lens focus breathing (the inadvertent alteration of field of view when operating the focus control) and also facilitates a host of improved digital operational features for focus and zooming control. An Auto Focus version of the XJ100x9.3B is also available to empower camera operators preoccupied with multi-tasking lens-camera operations during fast-action sports coverage.

“Game Creek Video has been using Canon 100xs long-zoom HD lenses since they were first introduced, and today we own 23 of them,” Sullivan noted. “The Canon 100xs is exceptionally stable and it gives directors a lot of capabilities for each camera on which they are mounted.”

Canon’s portable HD lenses were also integral to Game Creek Video’s successful Super Bowl XLV coverage. These included: the HJ22ex7.6B, Canon’s longest-focal-length portable HD production lens; the HJ21ex7.5B, which has the widest field of view – combined with a generous 21x focal length – among Canon’s standard HD telephoto EFP lenses; and the HJ11ex4.7B lens, famous for its wide-angle-of-view performance. (Previously the Company’s widest portable HD lens, it was recently joined in Canon’s product line by the new HJ14ex4.3B, the world’s widest-angle lens in the professional realm of 2/3-inch lenses.)

All three of these lenses bear Canon’s “eHDxs” designation, which indicates inclusion of Canon’s exclusive XS optical technology as well as the highly innovative control features of Canon’s unique eDrive technology. With eDrive – the digital servo system that embodies Canon’s unique MRA technology, which provides 16-bit resolution of the settings for zoom, iris, and focus – camera operators can easily program such functions as zoom and focus settings into these lenses for precise, automated repeatability via an easy-to-use LCD menu, assignable “soft” function buttons, and the rocker switch built into the lens grip. With the fast-moving action of professional football, this time-saving function can be critical for capturing dramatic game-winning moments in crystal-clear HDTV.

“When you’ve got more than 100 million people in the United States watching the Super Bowl, you want to be secure in knowing that you’re performing at the highest level you can in every respect,” Sullivan said. “That’s why we use Canon."

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