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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 20:41

Capturing Sundance

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Several years ago Barber Tech Owner Eddie Barber pitched me on the “Steddiepod,” a device he labeled as “The World’s Most Versatile Camera Support System.” But I saw a problem in that cameras at that time were big and bulky while the Steddiepod system was developed for smaller camera packages that weigh under 7 pounds and who would’ve thought you could shoot a major movie on such a small camera?

Now that many cameras are smaller and lighter, I thought the Steddiepod was worth a second look. With my Canon 5D in hand I recently headed up to the Sundance Film Festival with Barber Tech’s Steddiepod and a new WaCru DSLR Cage. I mounted the WaCru rig to the Steddiepod with a quick release so I could easily grab handheld shots. What an amazing setup!

The Steddiepod was developed long before its time and now Barber has since perfected this amazing camera support system. Not only was the entire system light enough to carry all over Sundance, the setup was quick and easy and helped me capture some amazing shots. For instance, the filmmakers’ reception held at the Sundance House was so packed that I couldn’t get near the podium. So I just extended the Steddiepod and supported it against my body to shoot over the crowd. It has a special balancing system that allowed me to get some great stabilized shots even when I was on the go. I also used it as a tripod and stabilizer to get steady shots of the crowd.

I later popped the WaCru rig off the Steddiepod and pushed my way through the crowd to get an interview with a filmmaker. And with the WaCru rig’s elegant design, I could easily attach my Litepanel Micro light and Rode microphone. This setup made it really easy to capture Sundance footage on the go and it saved me a lot of time while I got some fantastic shots.

The Barber Tech Steddiepod costs $499 and can be found at; the WaCru DSLR Cage costs $239 and can be found at




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