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Pacific Coast Region


The scenic diversity of the Pacific Coast Region calls to even the most knowledgeable filmmakers. Featuring some of the country’s most attractive coastlines, mountain ranges, deserts and rivers, this heart and soul of cinema has produced a plethora of classics throughout time.

Scouting with Location Manager Jim Triplett

jimtriplett_hawaii_2Many say that veteran Location Manager Jim Triplett is the go-to person for finding film locations on the Hawaiian Islands. On the CBS hit drama "Hawaii Five-0," Triplett and his support team of six (two assistants, two set production assistants and two office assistants) work steadily to find, secure and manage the show’s locations.

Film Commissioners at AFM


The American Film Market (AFM) was filled with film commissioners from various parts of the world eager to present their locales. Many film commissions exhibited at the event, participated in “Industry Conversations,” and attended a small, private “Location Expo” gathering where commissioners could brag about their jurisdictions to attendees. Michigan Film Office Director Carrie Jones promoted her state and announced that Michigan will be offering a new financial perk in 2012 that will provide $25 million in incentives. “We’ve got great locations, skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure,” said Jones.


Dave Beanes named Executive Vice President and General Manager of Universal Operations Group

It was announced that Dave Beanes has been named Executive Vice President and General Manager of Universal Operations Group.

Eastern Canada: Above-the-Borderline Benefits

nunavik-national-park_2Exploiting an exciting array of locations and landscapes, great tax incentives and 3D technology, Eastern Canada has become a world leader in attracting films to its provinces. And with a deep crew base that’s hungry for work in this economically pivotal period, the region offers a cinematic playground that makes for scintillating reading and so much more. P3 Update reports on the progress of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2011. 

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