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Place Your Bet on Nevada

On the set of an Erica Jones music video in Nevada What happens in Vegas happily doesn’t stay in Vegas, thanks to such hit films as Up in the Air, the Ocean’s Eleven.


Midwest Region

Hollywood’s recent blockbuster Public Enemies shows a side of our humanity that captivates moviegoers the world over. It’s that side of us that admires those who dare to take on the system and, in so doing, win the hearts of those who support the underdog, whatever their mission and underlying morals. These age-old allegiances have been explored in many films over the decades, and as the art form enables the retelling of real-life events to provide an alternative take on events, audiences view so-called “good guys” and “bad guys” from completely different perspectives. One can feel affection for Johnny Depp as he plays John Dillinger, one of Chicago’s more notorious criminals, in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies. This is contrasted dynamically when audiences fall for Kevin Costner and Sean Connery as the good guys set against Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s unforgettable film The Untouchables. Films like these influence and inspire huge audiences around the world, and there’s a certain amount of responsibility in their making given the medium’s long-term impact on society.

This year’s tax-incentives report for the Midwest region aims to serve as an update to entice filmmakers like Mann and De Palma into their territories.



Top-Notch International Locales

The exotic locations of our amazing planet heralds a massive draw card for filmmakers all over the world.


Western Canada

Seaside cities, snowy peaks and rustic villages are just some of Western Canada’s major scenic draws.


California Incentives Boost Production

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced progress in the new tax incentive program the state passed in 2009. Due to the new film and television incentive program, more than $710 million...

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