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Fans of 'The Hunger Games' flock to North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. - Fans of the blockbuster "The Hunger Games" are turning up in North Carolina, seeking out places where the movie was shot, from old-growth forests to an abandoned mill town.


PILOT LOCATIONS: New York & Vancouver Production Booming, Los Angeles Declines

The TV comedy resurgence cannot come soon enough for the Los Angeles production community because Hollywood is fast losing ground on the drama side to New York and Vancouver.


Film Finance in the Digital Age: Getting Your Film Made with a Click or a Chat


pre_finance_christopher-neil-director-goats_creditbill-neillThe process by which studios finance their films is often shrouded in mystery. While it’s known that studios self-finance, they also structure funding from outside sources and private equities. Indie films usually take a different road to production. In the ever-changing world of American independent projects, these filmmakers realize that funding can come from a multitude of different places and their films can be seen in many different ways.

Filming in the Real World of San Diego

San Diego has played a key role in numerous feature films, such as Anchorman and the upcoming Phantom (starring David Duchovny and Ed Harris), and television shows like “American Idol,” “The Real World: San Diego” and Chef Gordon Ramsay’s new series “Hotel Hell,” which recently shot on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. All of San Diego is open to filming, including iconic locations like the popular Sea World, beautiful Balboa Park, relaxed Mission Bay and the downtown Gaslamp District. The San Diego Film Commission has been going strong with 36 years of experience in assisting projects seeking to take advantage of these and other diverse locations. The Film Commission also represents San Diego County’s unincorporated areas, consisting of deserts, mountains, pine forests, ranch lands and isolated lakes.


Pacific Coast Region


The scenic diversity of the Pacific Coast Region calls to even the most knowledgeable filmmakers. Featuring some of the country’s most attractive coastlines, mountain ranges, deserts and rivers, this heart and soul of cinema has produced a plethora of classics throughout time.
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