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Cast & Crew

Production Designer Jon Gary Steele Creates a Version of 18th Century Scotland for the Screen in “Outlander”

Production Designer Jon Gary Steele has become a master at creating a world through the intricacies on a set, working on everything from American History X to Burlesque.


Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi on Creating a Look for “Jurassic World”

Merging the high expectations of devoted fans while offering a more modern glimpse into the Jurassic World was a tough feat for Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi (The Da Vinci Code, The Blind Side) to break off.


Hanks and Spielberg Working Together Again?

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg could soon be partnering once again. Hanks and Spielberg have worked together on three films, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me if You Can and The Terminal


Writers Guild and AMPTP Agree To New Contract

With just under a month to go before their current contract expires, Writers Guild of America West President Christopher Keyser announced on April 1st that the guild had come to a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on a new contract pending ratification by both WGAw and WGA East members. The present contract is set to expire May 1st.


Crewing Calls

It’s been said directing films, commercials, TV shows and industrials is like commanding a small army.