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Southeast Atlantic Region

The Southeast Atlantic region –– comprised of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina –– has so much to offer, from the bustling downtown areas of Atlanta, Miami and Charlotte and the mountains and forests of Georgia to the Everglades, Florida Keys and Outer Banks of the Carolinas. Combine all that scenic and geographical diversity with aggressive tax breaks and an increasingly sophisticated production infrastructure, and it’s a small wonder that the Southeast Atlantic has been so successful in attracting film, commercial and TV production over the past few years.


New England Region

It’s been another bumper year for the New England Region, which continues to field a spate of the most highly financed Hollywood blockbusters. While some New England states continue to eclipse previous financial records, others have had a quiet year as their incentive programs continue to prove their worth. P3Update looks at both the bigger and smaller players on the New England circuit to see how they’re facing the challenges of the current economy.


Top Production Incentives

In a time where financial stability is uncertain, shopping around for the best price has become part of everyday life. No one is immune, not even the illustrious and glamorous world of movie making. However, there are still many places around the world where productions can stretch their dollars the furthest.


Latin American Advantages


OnLocLatinAmericaMexicoCoahuilaAs the world’s economic climate continues to cool down, Latin America is working hard to heat things up to bring filmmakers to the region. For productions looking for a little fun in the sun, along with some great tax incentives, heading south of the border may be exactly what you need.


Set in the Southwest

TexasAlways camera-ready, the Southwestern states of Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas are a breathtaking slice of America. From vibrant red-rock landscapes to Old West ghost towns, the Southwest region offers stunning vistas and high incentives that have a solid history of attracting filmmakers to create a busy production hub.

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