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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 13:42

AFCI Locations Trade Show 2009 Preview

Written by  Dyana Carmella
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This year’s Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) Locations Trade Show (LTS) will once again be held in sunny Santa Monica, Calif., where...

This year’s Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) Locations Trade Show (LTS) will once again be held in sunny Santa Monica, Calif., where hundreds of exhibits and industry professionals will share the floor of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on April 16-18, 2009.

This is the premier trade show for on location filmmaking, and it offers the best chance for film commissions from many cities, states, provinces and countries to make connections with the directors, producers, cinematographers, studio executives and location scouts looking to shoot their next project on location. Whether it’s a mountain range, city landscape, valley or desert, filmmakers will be captivated by a variety of blissful locations. This year, we can expect to see representatives from U.S. film offices of Montana, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Louisiana and California, along with international film commissions from the Bahamas, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Korea and many more.

“LTS is the one venue that we would never miss, regardless of budget cuts,” says Lisa Strout, director of the New Mexico Film Office. “Each year, we leave LTS with a number of solid leads and new relationships.”

With competition heating up as regions, states and countries push for better incentives and tax rebates, LTS is an ideal platform for government agencies to market their locations. Experts from many jurisdictions will be available to discuss location support, incentives and local government laws and customs. This is the ideal place for diverse locations to showcase their incentive programs, local talent and resources. About 40 U.S. states are offering significant incentives, including refunds of the percentage of expenditures to producers, or tax credits that can reduce the taxes a production pays.

This is also a great venue for hotel, transportation, equipment and service companies that want to connect with industry experts on the business of filmmaking. Attendees will have the chance to chat with companies, such as Entertainment Partners, Marriott International and Oakwood Worldwide to learn about how their services can make a filmmaker’s life easier.

Strutting the floor of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, it will be interesting to see a marketplace of locations represented in individual booth displays. “As someone who works in film locations, I like to seek out the booths with new and interesting locations and/or opportunities on display,” says acquisitions agent and filmmaker Hunter Davis. “The more interactive booths tend to get the most attention. Each year there is a ‘Best Booth’ competition between all the vendors at the expo. The lively competitive spirit makes for a better experience for the Expo attendees … and it’s always fun to see who wins.”

During the LTS, the AFCI University will present courses for attendees. Their educational programs will include the AFCI Certified Film Commissioner program as well as master classes and instructive opportunities to stay ahead on the latest in filming on location.




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