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Wednesday, 06 June 2012 17:25

Guild of Television Cameramen establishes the Bill Vinten GTC University Award

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The Guild of Television Cameramen, in co-operation with Bill Vinten, has established the Bill Vinten GTC University Award to recognise universities and graduates who demonstrate outstanding camera craft skills. The award includes the Bill Vinten University Trophy for the successful graduate's faculty, college or university.

The winning graduate will receive work experience, paid with expenses, equivalent to £2,500, plus one year's associate membership of the GTC. Two runners-up will receive work experience equivalent to £750 each, plus one year's associate membership of the GTC.

A former lighting cameraman, Bill Vinten OBE was the driving force behind the globally acclaimed television camera pedestals and pan/tilt heads which Vinten has manufactured since the 1950s. He was presented with the GTC's Television Cameramen's Award in 2010 for his lifetime contribution to fostering and improving the art and craft of the professional television cameraman.

“Bill Vinten has staunchly supported the Guild of Television Cameramen since its inception and is again showing his personal support and generousity by making this award possible. The Guild will forever be indebted to him," said GTC president Dick Hibberd.

“The future and success of our craft relies not on the quantity but on the quality of new entrants," adds GTC chairman Graeme McAlpine. "Bill Vinten’s generous offer will allow recognition to be awarded in the most advantageous way to encourage and champion a successful career in camerawork. While craft skills can never replace content, craft skills will always enhance content."

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