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Finding Remedies for Docs

Whether you’re shooting lions attacking prey on the savannah or simply putting together footage from a dozen different sources, capturing documentary footage can be an arduous job. And documentarians know that post is where they can deal with all their production issues to create the best results. P3 Update spoke to three post houses about how they add their “secret sauce” to aid documentary films.


Precision Posting

When a professional golfer swings a golf club, the club head speed can easily reach over 100 mph. That’s just one of the factors Precision Productions + Post had to take into consideration when it produced a new global ad campaign for TaylorMade and its line of Burner clubs.

 To save time and money, TaylorMade streamlined the production by tapping Precision for both the production and post. Precision Executive Producer Marie Soto notes that, in addition to “significant time and cost savings,” that strategy resulted in “a consistent creative vision.”


Adobe CS5 and NVIDIA FX 4800

Photoshop has been a standard in the industry for years, and Adobe just keeps making it easier to create amazing graphics. It’s wonderful to use Photoshop on my new 24-inch EIZO ColorEdge monitor –– the monitor can be calibrated for different color space so that I can see exactly what my Photoshop output will look like, allowing me to work with confidence. Now there are new tools in Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 that really help to simplify complicated tasks. And with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 card’s acceleration, CS5 is really fast as well.


Posting Against the Clock

When indie Filmmaker Gregg Araki found out that his new feature, Kaboom, was accepted to Cannes, the film wasn’t ready. The picture was locked but it still needed visual effects, a conform, color grading and output to a 4K DCP (Digital Cinema Protocol) master –– and he only had two weeks to turn it around.


Tools for Sound Design

No matter what types of projects you produce, audio plays a big part in the overall impact that your content will have on viewers: Clean dialogue lets viewers hear what’s being said, a good soundtrack helps to control the mood of the piece, and sound FX can sell the visual images that you’ve shot so carefully. Here are some tools that I found helpful in creating my own sound design toolbox.

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