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Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:19

Audio in the Post Phase

Written by  Debra Kaufman
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The entire film and TV industry has been going digital by adopting tools and adding online and mobile platforms. But many companies, such as 5 Alarm Music, Jingle Punks and Syndicate 17, are already there as they take post audio to a whole new level. And with the proliferation of new platforms ─ from iPad and the Internet to mobile phones ─ music copyrights have become more complex.

PostAudio_Darren_Howard1At 5 Alarm Music in Pasadena, Calif., which General Manager Cassie Lord calls the “largest indie music library in the U.S.,” digital tools enable the company to stay on top of where their content is being played. Lord says the company uses TuneSat and BMI’s Landmark Digital Services to track where her titles are being played. “Libraries used to be ruled by the honor system,” says Lord. “There was no way for me to know all the different uses it might get. Now I can get online and see what music of mine is airing on MTV or NBC. It’s a more accountable business than it was in the past.”

Clients without the resources to edit audio can take advantage of 5 Alarm Music’s SonicFire Pro 5, a new technology from SmartSound that enables them to automatically edit the piece of music to fit visuals. “If the piece of music is three-minutes long but your video is only seventeen seconds, you just input seventeen seconds and every piece in the library will be seventeen seconds,” says Lord. “And this is not a fade-out; this is an algorithm that gives you a beginning, middle and end.”

PostAudio_ChanelSummersAt the New York-based Jingle Punks, VP of Development & Finance Mike Maloney says his clients are focused on making sure that rights are fully cleared. “With proliferation on the web, you’re seeing a lot of content creators more open to creative solutions around managing copyrights,” says Maloney. “We have in-house composers that grow our catalog and protect ownership.” Maloney also sees brands, ad agencies and other clients becoming more tech savvy. “They’re getting comfortable with using a search interface rather than a CD to procure their music,” he explains. “All of our clients now access and procure music via the Jingle Player, our web-based online search and discovery tool.” The Jingle Player was just launched as an app for the iPad. “You can download our app and get access to all 30,000 tracks in our catalog,” adds Maloney. “Ad executives and others aren’t always at their desks. Our goal is to take music supervision on the go.”

PostAudio_Chanel1Syndicate 17, a full-service audio house based in both Bellevue, Wash. and Los Angeles, Calif., has taken music production to the next level. The company has produced original scores, cues and sound effects for all forms of media. Co-Founders Chanel Summers and Chase Culp along with Creative Director Darren Howard are focused on upping the ante for audio ─ not just in films and TV but also for games. “We are really trying to elevate the quality of game audio,” explains Summers, who was on the Xbox team. “Game developers have typically underinvested in audio. We at Syndicate 17 believe that audio must lead graphics in quality, as the ear doesn’t ‘blink’!”

As these successful companies specialize in post audio, they’re all committed to taking their clients’ projects to greater success in the future.

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