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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 18:28

The Colorist

Written by  Thea Green
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Filmmakers are quick to discuss cameras and lenses, but one of the most crucial elements to consider when shooting is the color in the frame and planning for what kind of look to create with a colorist in post-production.

Colorists can push important colors that drive story points, and ultimately, they can change the total look and feel of a project. A recent post by No Film School shared a video created by the International Colorist Academy (founded by Warren Eagles and Kevin Shaw) that shows the work of a colorist in action through different moods and camera footage with effective before and after examples.

The role of a colorist, according to the video, is to take the images presented and turn them into gorgeous ones.  Colorists take images and work with the director and the DP to turn them into beautiful images while balancing shots, creating grades and adding effects. No matter what the project, the colorist adds a high level of value to your project. 

The video utilizes everything from GoPro footage, where it adds a grain texture to create a gritty in-the-moment feel, to footage from an Alexa, which has a slightly de-saturated look. Examples throughout the video simply showcase how easy the same footage can be turned from a wedding proposal into a serial killer stalking someone through the careful work of a colorist.

For more information on effective color for film and television, check out the website for the International Colorist Academy, which offers plenty of tips and tricks through useful, slightly more advanced, videos. 

(No Film School)

"What is a Colorist?" from icolorist on Vimeo.

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