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LMGA Awards SMLocation Managers Guild of America(LMGA) announced nominations for outstanding achievement by location professionals in feature films, television and commercials competing in the First Annual Location Managers Guild of America Awards.The creative contributions of location professionals will be recognized, stressing their importance to theproduction process. The nominations were announced by LMGA President, Nancy Haecker. The Awards Show announcing winners will take place on Saturday, March 29, at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. 

VEEPProducer Stephanie Laing has worked with the best of them on comedic TV shows like “Tracey Takes On…,” “Little Britain USA” and “Eastbound & Down,” but she’s never quite run a show like HBO’s “Veep.” Reminiscent of “The Office” (another Brit-born comedy), the mockumentary series follows the antics of a fictional Vice President played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who won an Emmy for her stellar performance. “It’s a different kind of challenge than I’ve ever had before,” says Laing. “It’s an English-written comedy with English directors and edited in the UK, but it’s an American comedy when it comes down to it.”

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Studio space is critical in ensuring the continued success, viability and business attraction of Alberta's screen-based production sector. Southern Alberta will soon have a new film studio and its first permanent sound stage. The studio will be developed by Calgary Economic Development (CED). The projected opening date is set for Summer 2015, the total cost is approximately $22.8 million and will feature two purpose-built sound stages (20,000 sq ft and 30,000 sq ft) with the ability to subdivide the larger studio. The studio will also include 18,000 sq ft of warehouse space with an additional 10,000 – 15,000 sq ft) for workshop / production, props, sets, wardrobes, etc. 

Sundance UtahIt goes without saying that Sundance is one of the premiere film festivals around the world, with thousands of attendees, most of whom are key decision makers in the film and television industry. The Utah Film Commission prides themselves on being the host state every year and continues to be a key player in the festivities. Three years ago they set up on Main Street with a warm, inviting venue open to the public and fest-goers alike.

New-zealand-SMNew Zealand is pushing heavily to attract more productions and has come out with a new perk for filmmakers. The government recently announced changes to the structure and level of support for film and television productions, including raising the baseline screen incentive for international film and television production to 20%. 

California’s traditional film and television industry is in flux, facing competition from other states and upstarts like Netflix, leaders said at a show-business conference in Los Angeles Tuesday.

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On November 8, the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) announced its board of directors for 2014. With 300+ film commissions on six continents, the AFCI is a nonprofit educational association and professional organization for film commissioners. AFCI members assist film, television, digital and interactive production for city, county, state, regional, provincial and national jurisdictions.


downton-abbey-season2Rebecca Eaton, who has executive produced “Masterpiece” on PBS since the 1980s, has teamed with the BBC on the best of British drama. Season three of “Downton Abbey” was a tremendous success, and the much-anticipated fourth season will begin in January 2014. Other returning “Masterpiece” productions include “Call the Midwife,” “Mr. Selfridge” and “Foyle’s War,” plus the debut of “The Paradise.” Eaton praises all these period pieces as a credit to U.K. film industry craftsmen. She also has announced two new “Masterpiece” miniseries for 2014: “Breathless” (a medical drama co-produced with ITV Studios in London) and “Death Comes to Pemberley” (a “Pride and Prejudice” sequel produced by Origin Pictures in London).

los-angeles-city-at-night-2A sharp increase in feature film production helped boost location filming in Los Angeles during the third quarter.

Vancouver 1A few fantasy/fairytale productions have found a home in Vancouver, Canada, as the ABC hit show “Once Upon a Time” and its “Alice in Wonderland” spinoff “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” will both film in the same studio. The two shows’ executive producers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, report that Vancouver’s diverse city makes it ideal for film and TV production. Both programs are adventures that get a variety of enchanted forest looks, thanks to the B.C. landscape.