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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 17:49

Steven Soderbergh’s "The Knick" Reimagines New York

Written by  Thea Green
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New York has, as of late, become the go-to destination for shooting television dramas, and now "The Knickis joining the ranks of "Boardwalk Empire" and other New York successes.

The Steven Soderbergh directed series that stars Clive Owen follows the staff of a hospital in the early 20th Century. A recent article in The Location Guide covered how certain parts of the city were transformed to make 2014 look a lot more like 1900.

knick400The exterior of the hospital, the show’s main location, is a Brooklyn high school that has stood since 1891, according to Production Designer Howard Cummings. The school, which was designed by James Naughton, is a city landmark. “It is a beautiful building,” Cummings said to the New York Post. “The script was talking about an older hospital, supposedly on the Lower East Side. Period-wise, we were going to be in 1900 to 1901, so the building was going to have to be from the 1880s. That kind of Victorian architecture was perfect.”

Parts of Manhattan’s Lower East side were outfitted to suit the time period, but adjustments were actually fairly minimal as this environment and the buildings there quite naturally fit the shoot. “We did remove air conditioners on the lower floors,” Cummings mentioned in the New York Post. “All others had to be removed digitally. Everything at head level has to look realistic. Above head level you can get away with a lot.”

The interior shots for "The Knick" were captured in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A recent influx in productions has recently brought New York’s number of drama pilots above Los Angeles numbers, likely thanks to its 30% filming incentive and buzz from shows like "Boardwalk Empire" using it effectively as a setting.

"The Knick" is currently airing on Cinemax.





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