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Monday, 04 August 2014 21:46

Sarah Jones Safety App Surpasses IndieGoGo Goal

Written by  Thea Green
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A new app has launched that seeks to make your next shoot safer.

A group of 10 anonymous filmmakers at all levels have worked together to start an app that will allow crew members to report unsafe working conditions, including overly long work days that could lead to sleep deprived accidents. A recent article in Deadline covered the launch of the IndieGoGo campaign for the app, which in only 3 ½ days, surpassed its goal of $3400.

The app, created in the wake of Sarah Jones’s unnecessary death on the set of Midnight Rider, seeks to create safer sets with an easy way to report unsafe working conditions.  “We believe that through increased vigilance and a better awareness of the safety tools that are available to us all, our sets can be safer and our fellow crew members can be assured of arriving home safely at the end of every day” the group states on their IndieGoGo page. “We created the site Pledge to Sarah and are creating this app because we believe that no one should ever lose their life because of a film production. Whether it is an on-set safety issue or an exhausted drive home at the end of a long day we all need to speak up and be heard.”

Although hotlines currently exist for reporting unsafe working conditions, the app seeks to make the experience user-friendly, allowing for caller ID blocking and a place to upload timecards without personal information so that hours are tracked and long days are avoided. “Those safety outlines are out there and they do work – you can report long hours to the guilds and unions and they keep track of and will look into that,” an anonymous Pledge to Sarah told Deadline. “People just don’t know it. Let’s at least put it at their fingertips.”

The free app is currently in development and is set to launch for Apple and Android stores at the end of August. It will also be available to download on the Pledge to Sarah website, the Android App site, and the Mac App site. (Deadline


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