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Thursday, 29 May 2014 16:07

Red Giant’s Expanding "Universe”

Written by  Gordon Meyer
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Software companies are taking a whole new direction with the subscription-based model. 

Red Giant, the Oregon-based software company behind dozens of popular plug-ins for industry standard applications like the Adobe Creative Suite and Apple’s Final Cut Pro, recently announced the launch of a new subscription-based library of tools called “Universe,” which consists of over 50 plug-ins for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut and Motion.  According to Sean Safreed, in an interview with the website, Red Giant’s co-founder explains that Universe “is a set of both free and premium tools.  31 of the tools that we’re shipping are free forever and 19 are premium tools.  Some of those are tools we’ve had in our effects suite including things like Knoll Light Factory, ToonIt and Retrograde which are all premium tools in our system.”

Universe introduces a new business model for Red Giant.  Like Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, users can pay a monthly subscription fee for access to all the tools.  The subscription rate is currently set for either $10 a month or $99 a year.  However, unlike Adobe, Red Giant also offers the option of a Lifetime subscription for $399. “What that means is that you’re getting a perpetual license, just like you were buying software, and you get unlimited upgrades,” says Safreed. “As we expand the system and we add more to Universe, you get all those upgrades on a lifetime license.”

All 50 effects are GPU accelerated, so users with either an ATI 9600XT or greater or an NVIDIA 6600 or Quadro FX 1300 and 128 MB of RAM will experience much faster rendering. All the Universe tools work with Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro for both Mac and Windows by just dragging and dropping them onto a timeline. 

Among Universe’s library is a plug-in called Retrograde, which simulates your choice of 16mm and 8mm film grain to give your footage a retro look. To achieve that effect, Red Giant’s programmers scanned actual 16mm and 8mm motion picture film, which results in a natural, organic effect, according to Safreed. 

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