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Friday, 22 August 2014 17:32

Chinese Smartphone Rivals a 5D Mark III

Written by  Thea Green
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Never has a smartphone camera been quite gallant enough to take on the 5D Mark III like it’s nobody’s business.

No Film School offered a glimpse into the future with a test trial shot by filmmaker Giacomo Mantovani, who tested the 5D Mark III opposite the Chinese OnePlus One smartphone, which uses a Sony sensor to shoot 4K. Although it doesn’t offer quite the control that the 5D Mark III has, the little camera tested splendidly and surpassed the 5D Mark III in many arenas.

Mantovani was thrilled about his findings, including comparable dynamic range. “The sole aim of this test is to compare how the OnePlus One performs in respect to the Canon 5D Mark III in an ideal light condition,” he wrote to No Film School. “In this case I am pleased to notice that the OPO is the clear winner, but no doubts that the Canon 5D Mark III is still the best option for filmmakers, for all the many reasons that make a DSLR what it is. It is interesting though to notice that, in terms of dynamic range, the OPO performed incredibly well compared with the 5D, and I can tell you that with a similar exposure, there is almost no difference between the two.”

The test shoot was done on the Mark III with a Tamron 24-70mm lens. While both non-cropped frames are at 1080p, it is important to note that the 300% crop of the OnePlus is from the 4K file, thus is not an exact comparison.

Though Mantovani notes he wouldn’t use the smartphone on a professional shoot, he is excited about the potential it offers filmmakers who shoot on the move without a bunch of equipment. “I wouldn’t ever use a phone for professional shooting, but for sure this is an incredible device for all filmmakers that want to be able to shoot something great on the go, when they don’t have their professional equipment in the bag.” (No Film School)

Check out the test video below for yourself to see how the OnePlus One compares to the 5D Mark III!


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