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Monday, 13 December 2010 17:59

The Paso Digital Film Festival

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The Paso Digital Film Festival Uncorked it's 3rd time is a charm blend, of Film, Technology, Music, interesting characters, and Wine...

0_Paula_Nelson_1November 19-23, in Paso Robles, Central Calif. is soon to go virtually live worldwide via the website.  This 'one of a kind wild west digital film fest, took place in cowboy wine country south and sideways of sundance, and at the website, plus the Festival INTERNETWORK of websites, social networking sites and on the Premium Independent video sharing and online film site  which is the festival HD Channel on, which is headed up by the likes of Robert Duvall, James Cann, Scott Cann and Mark Rydell.

The 3rd annual Paso Digital Film Festival this past November started with a cold front blowing in the day before the festival, bring rain and cold weather and moving the outside music concerts under the big tent that was set up at Le Vigne Winery.  However, the weather did not hold back the warmth from the synergy and serendipity that was constant throughout the festival.  Films and videos were being also screened at Level 4, La Quinta Hotel Conference room, music at the Pine Street Saloon and films at Franklin's Hot Springs.

0_Award_presentationThe range of not only the talented characters and filmmakers, but the great range of history that was covered  at the festival with movies dating back to the 1931, "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi, then through time to hit independent movies and documentaries from several recent generations past, and movies and shorts made only months prior to the festival.   That same historic range ran true in the individuals attending the festival from famous blood lines in the business of film and music entertainment.

Some of the great actors and filmmakers from the present with blood line ties to the early days of film including Bela Lugosi, Jr. the son of Bela Lugiosi, Cass Warner, granddaughter of Harry Warner one of the founding brothers of Warner Brothers, Gena Mertz granddaughter of the famous director King Vidor, actor Francesco Quinn, the son of the one and only Anthony Quinn, Paula Nelson the daughter of music and film legend Willie Nelson.  Joining this historical entertainment blood line was Joe Estevez from the Martin Sheen dynasty and Erin Murphy the daughter of filmmaker Dudley Murphy, who all gave the festival a great feel of evolution and passing of the ages of change that we are all experiencing with film evolving from the days of the "shorts" to the digital age, where "shorts" are again part of the moving making landscape.

ThePDFF also had a wider view of entertainment by not centering on just "films" but took a look at the digital age and the new multi-media and multi-platforms that are evolving exponentially in these changing times.  From music video, now music DVDs, to Emmy Award winning HBO TV movies that are now sold as DVDs and digital downloads on Netflix, to live streaming of some of the digital film festival online, including some movies taken right off of   All movies are screened on digital HD and Blu-Ray projectors furnished by Matrix Mobile TV of Central California.

To further take thePDFF down the digital cutting edge will be the January 15th launch of Paso Digital VIRTUAL Film Festival online and via the Festival INTERNETWORK of websites and social networking sites.  The week prior to that we will be shooting footage at the largest technology expo in the world in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronic Show, for the Virtual Festival and the DVD, "From Film Festivals to the Digital Age, that is a compilation of the past three Paso Digital Film Festivals, including footage of Clint Eastwood and his key Malpaso Productions staff, and many others that have attended the festival.0_Joe_Estevez_and_Kerry_Wallum

As part of thePDFF's STATE AND FATE OF CHILDREN DAY, the Festival screened the multiple Emmy Award winning HBO movie "Temple Grandin" with the Emmy Award winning director Mick Jackson, (Bodyguard and LA Story) attending the screening, and accepting the Humanitarian Award, which was given last year to Co-creator and producer of "We Are The World" Ken Kragen.  This important day and annual element of the film festival included some youth films and youth filmmakers, and a very important presentation by Dreamcatchers For Abused Children.  We plan to do more with the Dreamcatchers group and hope you can go to the HELP THE KIDS  and see more on their group.  In addition we had S.A.F.E.

Services Affirming Family Empowerment, wchich helps children and their families coordinate appropriate services in our county.

connie_david_and_paulaAs the festival stated, "This year's festival is all about the Film, the Music, the Characters, and the Wine.  We made wine a big part of the blend, with wine tastings, events at wineries, and wine movies.  Which included producers Marc & Brenda Lhormer screening their wine movie "Bottle Shock" where we also did  an  reenactment of the blind wine tasting from the movie, this time between Paso Robles and Napa Valley wines We would like to congratulate Paso's own Derby Estate Winery, 2005 Laura’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, for winning the Cabernet Sauvignon portion of our contest.  The Chardonnay portion of the event was won by the Napa Valley's Chateau Montehelena, 2003 Carneros Chardonnay, in a very tight race.

Paula Nelson and the Guilty Pleasures (Yup, it's Willie Nelson's daughter), performed at the festival, with John Andrew Parks and local artist Louie Ortega, another local artist Jade Jackson performed her music, and SLO's own magician Rich Ferguson brought his very special talents to the Festival, and along with the Texas based Kelly Kenning Band, who brought in the real deal with their brand of Country Music.  The legendry Tony Miranda did a drum solo to add some more variety to the show.

Willie Nelson's film company Luck Films was Featured Independent Film company, and principle partners and film makers Kerry Wallum and David Von Rohem showed some music videos recently released on Luck Films, including a showing of the new Paula Nelson video with her dad, and talked with her about the making

of the video.

mick_jackson_awardTo add to the list of entertainment royalty, Cass Warner (grand-daughter of Harry Warner of Warner Brothers), showed her film "Brothers Warner," and Bela Lugosi, Jr. was here with the new Lugosi Wine, and did a Q&A after his dad's 1931 film, "Dracula" was screened. Adding to the links to the past was Erin Murphy, daughter of filmmaker Dudley Murphy, and Gina Merz, granddaughter of the great director King Vidor.

Attending the festival were actors Joe Estevez, Robert Carradine, Kerry Wallum, Gary Conway, Chloe Domange, Luciano Holguin, Paul Renteria, with filmmakers Patrice Poujol, Chris Felver, Dan Jones, Paul Kakert, Ryan Page, Christopher Pomerenke, James Kleinert, Elizabeth Slagsvol, and others.

The 2010 digital venture will be webcast to the world on multi-platforms via the Internet, TV, several social networks and webcasting sites, mobile applications, and through a INTERNETWORK of websites and portals. thePDFF announces a new partnership with where the festival will be broadcast live in HD on the festival's channel at: Openfilm has Robert Duvall, James Caan, director Mark Rydell, and actor Scott Caan as advisers

To produce and create a HD Virtual Digital Film Festival Buffalo Benford Productions, and the PDFF has also partnered up with Kerry Wallum, David Von Roehm from Willie Nelson's Luck Films to co produce the live and virtual live elements of the digital wild west film fest in association with Fast Talkn' Productions, Ningun Films, and Tip Jar Productions.  The Virtual Paso Digital Film Festival will launch on January 21.   Having garnished more daily traffic on it's website than city film festival websites like: Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, SLO, Atlanta, Phoenix, Malibu, Carmel, Indie Fest, LA Reel, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle and other very well established film festivals, the Paso Digital Film Festival is going to create a virtual film festival beyond anything every seen on multi platforms.

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