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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 20:14

Explosive Growth in Digital Entertainment

Written by  James Thompson
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dig hollywood 1On the first day of the 2013 Digital Hollywood spring conference, attendees were offered opportunities to look into the future of digital content distribution and the new platforms for showcasing their work. The event’s New Hollywood Equation session was held at a poolside tent at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, Calif., where Hollywood’s elite executives discussed the entertainment industry’s migration to digital content. “The lines have officially blurred,” said Doug Deluca, the co- executive producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “It’s like what cable was when Ted Turner took over back in the day.”

The idea that consumers prefer quality over quantity is proven by the continued success of TV networks along with the support from advertisers. However, most execs agree that YouTube has become a game changer, so the digital movement will now expand into other platforms to appeal to a wider global audience. “We look at it as producing for all screens and all platforms,” offered Bruce Gersh, the president/CEO of FishBowl WorldWide Media. Today’s audiences encompass all ages, nationalities and demographics — and they’re all viewing content online. As a result, advertisers are looking at CPM and sponsorship models while targeting specific audiences, and digital content allows the advertisers to market to a targeted audience and a specific demographic. And since the metrics can be tracked, advertisers will know what they’re getting. “The ad spend across the board is rising up,” added Deluca. “You can really target what you’re going after.”

The New Hollywood Equation panelists pointed out that companies are defined by the methods used to distribute product and the customer being served. “You define yourself by what you are delivering to your contingencies,” said Mike La Salle, a partner at Shamrock Capital Advisors. “You serve them the way they want to be served.” It was also noted that today’s audiences want what they want now, and the next movement will be toward mobile distribution. “Mobile is the Holy Grail,” said Deluca. “That’s where it’s all going.” While this may be true, the final consensus among Tinseltown executives is that the story is still king — because without a good story, it will be difficult to get viewers on any platform.

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