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keslow-camera-prepLos Angeles-based Keslow Camera has a reputation as a top source for high-end camera equipment and expert technicians. The company takes pride in catering to the needs demanding cinematographers in the film and TV industry and its ability in creating customized, proprietary tools. The rental house, which also has branches in Chicago, Santa Fe, New Orleans and Miami, recently purchased the full range of FUJINON PL HK zoom lenses: the Premier HK Series 4K+ zooms (14.5–45mm/T2.0, 18–85mm/T2.0, 24–180mm/T2.6 and 75–400mm/T2.8–T3.8) as well as the PL 19–90mm and 85–300mm Premier ZK Cabrio Series zooms, which feature detachable servo drives. “These lenses do not breathe,” marvels Keslow COO Dennis McDonald. “With other lenses, the image may shift that critical bit when you zoom in and out. But with FUJINON, there’s no image shift at all. They are extremely sharp, just a phenomenal piece of equipment.”

UnknownThe important talent of the Canadian VFX industry was spotlighted by the recent announcement of Technicolor’s plans for a new visual effects studio in the Montreal area. Technicolor also reports that it will relocate all of its postproduction installations to a single site equipped with the very latest technology. These announcements were made at a press conference with Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, and the plans enable Technicolor to consolidate its presence in Quebec while reasserting its commitment to the environment with the support and investment of the local government.

590 amiraApparently ARRI Inc. had enough confidence in its new AMIRA camera to unveil it on Friday the 13th during IBC in Amsterdam — and, so far, good luck has prevailed. The AMIRA has apparently generated a good vibe at the event, and promises to create an interesting horse race among mid-higher-end digital cine cameras. For starters, the AMIRA appears to be designed as an “ALEXA Light,” as it’s a more compact camera at roughly two-thirds the weight of an ALEXA with a viewfinder and mounting bracket (equaling 17+ pounds). More importantly, it has an ALEXA sensor and thus has its 14.5+ stop dynamic range, light sensitivity, low noise, and the ability to handle subtle highlights while rendering natural-looking colors and complex skin tones — all key ALEXA details. 

UnknownCanon, Technicolor, Kodak and Tiffen will each present awards at a special luncheon organized by the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600). The event will be held at the American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse in Hollywood on September 27 as part of the celebration of ICG’s 17th annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA).

stereotec1Los Angeles-based rental house Radiant Images has created a new tool for filmmakers by conducting comprehensive testing of all available digital cinema production cameras. The wide-ranging, non-biased tests covered a variety of categories, such as dynamic range and color rendition, and are designed to help cinematographers evaluate and choose cameras and lenses based on visual comparisons rather than technical specifications. By making appropriate gear choices earlier in the production process, filmmakers can save time and money and reduce frustration. Radiant Images claims to be the first rental house to perform such comprehensive camera testing.