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Eduardo setting up Litepanels 1 X 1 for Picture the PossibilitiesLitepanels recently announced that its 1x1 LS Traveler Trio Plus Lighting Kit was tool of choice for Marcela Villegas Castañón who used it to light Cinequest’s Picture the Possibilities (PTP), an annual program where filmmakers work with teens to create feature films for empowering global youth. These films have been produced in 10 global cities ranging from Palo Alto, Calif. to Hong Kong, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

SonyIt would be naïve to think that all of the hype about 4K and Ultra HD cameras at every media trade show wouldn’t have an impact on expectations, especially at the high end of the digital production food chain. “This year, many clients are asking for 4K, some because it’s popular, but others do want shelf life,” says Bobby Holbrook, a cinematographer and co-owner of Holbrook Multimedia. “But, if they don’t really need 4K, I’ll suggest 2K or even 1080p, because the data load is so much easier to manage.” But for clients who do need 4K, Holbrook is ready to deliver: “We’ve been shooting a lot of projects in 4K this year with the [RED] EPIC, the [Sony] F65 and F55.”

ABU-DHABIWalt Disney International chairman Andy Bird predicted here Tuesday that there would be a 3D printer in every family home within the next decade.Speaking on the first day of the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Bird predicted that the technology would “revolutionize” the way the world works.
“Every home in ten years, probably less than that, will have its own 3D printer just as homes now have a 2D or laser printer,” he said at the annual three-day event in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, adding that Disney was already looking at ways to utilize the technology in its theme parks.


MacPro4KToday’s higher resolution cameras and postproduction standards have led Apple to up the ante on the latest model of its Mac Pro desktop system. Now supporting 4K digital video, the newest Mac Pro features a very slick-looking chrome cylindrical design that, like other desktop systems, requires the user to attach an external keyboard, rodent and display. The new system offers Thunderbolt 2 and dual AMD FirePro graphics processing units with up to six gigabytes of dedicated VRAM, which is enough horsepower to drive three 4K displays simultaneously — an ideal scenario for pro video workstations, visual effects work in cinema, and film editing. 

Sony-FDR-AX1-4K-Camcorder-video-cameraSony is upping the ante on its commitment to 4K, particularly 4K acquisition. The company has recently introduced its 4K camcorder “for the masses” — at least for the masses of pros, especially those working for the corporate and event markets.