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Sachtler Goes to Extremes with Dan Campbell-LloydMany cinematographers tell their stories in the comfort of studio or soundstage, but Dan Campbell-Lloyd prefers to use extreme environments as his “office.” The Australian-born cameraman, photographer and former professional kayaker can often be found shooting extreme sports while perched in the freezing cold mountains of Alaska or jammed in the back of a kayak on the Congo River. For these types of shoots, Campbell-Lloyd likes to travel light and chooses camera-support companies that specialize in light and dependable gear. One such company is Sachtler, and Campbell-Lloyd is currently using Sachtler gear to shoot the Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii’s Waimea Bay.

“I’m using my Canon 7D, RED EPIC and my [Sachtler] Ace L and Video 18P [tripods],” says Campbell-Lloyd. “Sachtler helped capture images of the first big swell of the winter. The surf was big and so was the crowd at Waimea Bay.” A surfing shoot can seem like a piece of cake for Campbell-Lloyd when compared to some of his other jobs. “In the winter of 2012, I was shooting for MSP Films in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska,” he recalls. “Normally, on these trips we would have two or three shooters and a photographer. This trip was just three athletes, two guides and me up in the helicopter. The cool thing was that we could just fly around and ski anything we wanted. The hard thing was I could only bring so much gear.”

Sachtler gear proved to be invaluable on the Alaska shoot as well as on a film Campbell-Lloyd shot in the Congo on the world’s biggest rapids. “Having my Sachtler on the Congo for The Grand Inga Project was super important” he says. “The rapids are sometimes a few miles across so a super stable, smooth tripod was a must-have. We were filming the first decent of the Inga rapids, where there were no retakes. This was a one-time deal and I had to nail the shot first time every time.”