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cs-633-bag-800x800Sound Devices, a company that’s best known for portable audio and video products for field production, recently announced the newest tool in its arsenal. The Model 633 mixer is a six-input mixer with an integrated 10-track recorder. It also includes Sound Devices’ proprietary PowerSafe technology; a four-way power supply for maximum operational runtime; and a full complement of I/O ports designed into its compact, portable body.

The 633 mixer/recorder’s six inputs consist of three high-bandwidth mic/line XLR inputs (complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, input limiter and variable pan) and three line-level inputs on TA3 (mini-XLR) connectors — and all inputs are assignable to any output bus. The 633 also offers AES digital I/O, including support for AES42 digital microphones. It supports 10-track, 24-bit, 48kHz uncompressed polyphonic or monophonic broadcast WAV file recording (96kHz for eight tracks; 192kHz for six tracks) or timecode-stamped MP3 recording to CompactFlash and/or SD cards. All six inputs plus Left/Right and Aux 1/2 can be recorded to individual tracks. Like Sound Devices’ 12-input 664 production mixer, the 633 features dual card slots that can record to one or both cards simultaneously, with the added ability to assign different tracks to each memory card.

The 633 is equipped with a four-way power supply that allows for multiple, simultaneous power sources, including external DC on a Hirose four-pin locking (12–18 V); two removable and independent L-type lithium-ion batteries; and an internal battery pack housing six AA batteries. The mixer also features intelligent power monitoring that detects when power sources are removed and seamlessly transitions to an available power source. Thanks to its PowerSafe circuitry, when all power is removed, the unit will stay on for 10 seconds to close all file operations and properly shut down.

The 633’s ambient-based timecode generator/reader is designed to work with multi-camera and double-system sound applications. It also supports all common production timecode rates and modes, along with file metadata, and there’s a keyboard port for quick and easy metadata entry. Its LCD-based setup menu offers easy navigation and control of its features. Menu options for metering, display and headphone favorites are among the selections that can be saved to scenes on memory cards. This feature makes it easier for location mixers to quickly reproduce a setup.

Sound Devices offers the Model 633 as part of a package that includes the 633 mixer, the CS-633 production case, two L-type lithium-ion batteries, one SD card, one CF card, and TA3-to-XLR cables.

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