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Eduardo setting up Litepanels 1 X 1 for Picture the PossibilitiesLitepanels recently announced that its 1x1 LS Traveler Trio Plus Lighting Kit was tool of choice for Marcela Villegas Castañón who used it to light Cinequest’s Picture the Possibilities (PTP), an annual program where filmmakers work with teens to create feature films for empowering global youth. These films have been produced in 10 global cities ranging from Palo Alto, Calif. to Hong Kong, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

As the PTP coordinator, Villegas Castañón needs a shooting package that’s lightweight, high quality and portable — all of which makes the Traveler Trio Plus Kit so valuable for the production. The kit features three 1x1-foot daylight color balance fixtures: two LS mono bi-colors (with a 50-degree beam angle and color adjustment setting between daylight and tungsten color balance) and one LS mono flood (with a 50-degree beam angle). It also includes three 9-foot stands and AC power supplies in a hard-wheeled case. “The lightweight, discreet and compact build of the LED kit makes it easy for me to carry and transport on my own,” says Villegas Castañón. “During our session in Mexico, for example, we had a number of scenes that took place in tight locations. The Litepanels kit was nice and compact with minimal cables, so it did not interfere with the space needed to set up the camera and to fill the room with PTP participants. Best of all, the quality of the light output helped give the films a professional look.”