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keslow-camera-prepLos Angeles-based Keslow Camera has a reputation as a top source for high-end camera equipment and expert technicians. The company takes pride in catering to the needs demanding cinematographers in the film and TV industry and its ability in creating customized, proprietary tools. The rental house, which also has branches in Chicago, Santa Fe, New Orleans and Miami, recently purchased the full range of FUJINON PL HK zoom lenses: the Premier HK Series 4K+ zooms (14.5–45mm/T2.0, 18–85mm/T2.0, 24–180mm/T2.6 and 75–400mm/T2.8–T3.8) as well as the PL 19–90mm and 85–300mm Premier ZK Cabrio Series zooms, which feature detachable servo drives. “These lenses do not breathe,” marvels Keslow COO Dennis McDonald. “With other lenses, the image may shift that critical bit when you zoom in and out. But with FUJINON, there’s no image shift at all. They are extremely sharp, just a phenomenal piece of equipment.”

McDonald also reports that the focal lengths of these lenses make them extremely versatile, which helps to streamline the production process. Still, no matter how good a product may look on paper, the company’s offerings are ultimately determined by its clients’ preferences. “Each DP has their own idiosyncrasies in terms of what they want in glass,” says McDonald. “From a rental standpoint, we aim to buy the best of the best. Then we give them to our cinematographers and tell them to take them out on a job and see what they think.” McDonald adds that several high-profile cinematographers are now requesting these new lenses, and one particular film is entirely being shot with a ZK19–90mm Cabrio zoom on a handheld camera. “It’s groundbreaking what they’ve been able to do with that lens,” says McDonald. “With its detachable servo drive unit, [which is] a first for cine-style lenses, it’s incredibly lightweight and has a very wide focal range. It’s the perfect combination of practicality and performance. Keslow and our clients are sold on FUJINON.”