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bad-robotWhen J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company got a green light for the second season of the NBC sci-fi series “Revolution,” two things were clear: the series would shoot in Austin, Texas and the production would use a single source for its camera gear. Since Radiant Images was already one of the suppliers for the series’ first season, Bad Robot turned to the Los Angeles-based rental house to provide all the cameras, gear and support, which includes the new award-winning, palm-sized Novo action camera. “Revolution” tells the story of a group of revolutionaries who confront an authoritarian regime 15 years after an event known as the Blackout, an instantaneous shutdown of all electrical devices across the globe. The science-fiction drama is also about family, both the family you’re born into and the family you choose. 

“We are so pleased and excited to be the working with ‘Revolution’ exclusively on season two,” says Radiant Images VP Michael Mansouri. “We love the show, the energy and the whole concept of the story. We feel ‘Revolution’ is a good match for our capabilities, mindset and the solutions that we can offer.” Radiant technicians flew to Austin for the beginning of the shoot, providing onsite support for Cinematographers William Wages, ASC and Jimmy Lindsey and the crew. Radiant Images is providing the ARRI ALEXA Plus camera with ARRI Ultra Prime lenses and a wide assortment of other lenses that include the Angenieux Optimo, Fujinon Cabrio and the latest from Fujinon Premier. The DPs also utilize a pair of Radiant Novo cameras on set. “The Novo is an important new tool to help cinematographers achieve their vision without compromise because it can be mounted almost anywhere for tight shots and dynamic photography,” explains Mansouri. “And helping cinematographers achieve their vision is our goal. Given the look and feel of ‘Revolution,’ including all the action sequences and shots in tight quarters, the Novo is going to be quite useful.” The second season of NBC’s “Revolution” is scheduled to premiere on September 25.