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odyssey7__smConvergent Design introduced a solution for those cinematographers struggling to record a viable image while untangling the cables that link recorders, monitors and microphones to the camera. The new Odyssey 7 is a 7.7-inch OLED monitor that can eliminate one set of cables as it doubles as a 4K capable recorder — pretty remarkable for a package that barely weighs more than an 8-inch flatscreen field monitor. While there have certainly been high-end data recorders with built-in monitors, the Odyssey 7 has been designed with 1280 and 800 resolution; a wide RGB color range with true blacks and minimal motion blur; and an impressive contrast ratio of 3400:1. It also includes Waveform, Focus Assist (Peaking), Vectorscope, Zebras, LUT Support, Histogram and False Color.

Convergent Design is so confident in the Odyssey 7’s chops as a monitor that the company is offering it with a monitor-only option. But, with an affordable list price of around $1,295 for the monitor/recorder package, why go half measure? The Odyssey 7’s recorder alone boasts everything one would want in a high-end, 4K-capable recorder, and it incorporates many of the features found in the much pricier Gemini dual-channel recorder. The Odyssey 7’s recording capabilities include the ability to record multiple formats, such as Avid DNxHD (up to 120fps), ARRIRAW (4:3 and 16:9), and Canon 4K RAW, plus uncompressed HD/2K RGB 444 (up to 60p) and 2K/HD RAW. But there’s one catch: not all of these capabilities are bundled together at the base price. Many are downloadable options available at an extra cost as needed. Hence, you won’t pay for a lot of fancy options that you don’t need until you need them. The Odyssey 7 base package should be available in summer 2013.